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Bark in the Park Presented by Wag-A-Lot

Bark in the Park
Bark in the Park
Bark in the Park

Sorry, tickets for this Braves event are no longer available.
Please check for more exciting ticket deals!

Phillies versus Atlanta Braves


Tickets for the Sunday, September 20, Bark in the Park event are now available! Select the number of human tickets that you would like to purchase below.

Please note: All canine tickets must be purchased with a human ticket. Fans with two or more dogs must have an additional "owner" accompanying the additional canine. Each canine ticket includes a Braves ceramic dog bowl!

Tickets will be mailed out to the address provided during the ordering process. Fans and their four-legged friends can enter the stadium at the NW Gate at the corner of Ralph David Abernathy Dr. and Pollard St. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

$32 Combo Ticket
(One human ticket, one canine ticket, one Braves Ceramic Dog Bowl)

$15 Additional human tickets
(Up to 6 additional tickets allowed)

Bark in the Park Photo Gallery

Braves Ceramic Dog Bowl
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Required Vaccinations:
  • Rabies - given annually, but sometimes can be a 3 year.
  • DHLP - (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para influenza) - all given annually, sometimes referred to as the Combo Vaccination, especially when it includes Parvo.
  • Parvo - given annually, many times this is included in the DHLP and indicated as DHLPP.
  • Bordatella - given either every six months or annually. Sometimes referred to as: Kennel Cough OR Tracheobronchitis.