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Security Policies

The Cleveland Indians remain committed to maintaining a strong security presence and posture at the ballpark. These initiatives are designed to help ensure the safety of fans, players, and the employees of Progressive Field.

These initiatives include:

  • All ballpark deliveries and delivery vehicles will be inspected.
  • Security awareness training for all Indians Game Day personnel.
  • High visibility of uniformed law enforcement personnel at all games.
  • Daily inspection of the facility by ballpark operations and law enforcement personnel prior to opening the ballpark.
  • No bags exceeding the maximum size of 16x16x8 inches will be allowed. All bags will be thoroughly inspected before they are permitted into Progressive Field. Templates will be utilized as necessary at inspection points. Bags and their contents must fit within the template without assistance.

The Indians would also like all guests to review the following Progressive Field Fan Ground Rules:

  • STAY ALERT: Watch for baseballs being hit into the stands. Fans may keep any baseballs hit into the stands.
  • FAN INTERFERENCE: Major League Baseball rules require that fans not go onto the playing field, throw objects onto the playing field, of interfere with balls still in play. Violators will be subject to ejection from Progressive Field and possible prosecution.
  • SMOKING: In response to the passing of Issue 5, Progressive Field will become a smoke free facility. In accordance with the "Smoke Free Ohio" law Progressive Field is now totally SMOKE FREE. Our interpretation of Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code has brought us to the conclusion that for Progressive Field to comply with the rules set forth in accordance with the new law the ballpark must become completely smoke free.
  • CONTAINERS: No bottles, cans, thermos bottles, coolers, cups, hard sided containers, squeeze bottles, or any plastic beverage containers are permitted to be carried into Progressive Field. Single-serve juice boxes are permitted as well as food items if carried in a soft-sided container. Smaller bags and other articles will be subject to inspection prior to entering the ballpark. These articles must fit within a space of 16x16x8 inches. Templates of these dimensions are at each gate at Progressive Field.
  • ALCOHOL: No alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought through the gates of Progressive Field. Anyone observed breaking the law; underage drinking or using illegal drugs, will be subject to immediate ejection and criminal prosecution. The sale of alcoholic beverages may be discontinued at the discretion of the Vice President of Ballpark Operations.
  • FAN BEHAVIOR: Abusive or inappropriate language, conduct deemed disorderly, unruly or disruptive including inappropriate dress may constitute grounds for ejection. The solicitation of contributions and/or the distribution of literature on Progressive Field property are prohibited.
  • BANNERS AND SIGNS: Guests are permitted to bring and display banners at Progressive Field, as long as they do not interfere with the game, other guests' enjoyment of the game, or carry an obscene, political, or commercial message. The Cleveland Indians reserve the right to determine the acceptability of the content of the signage. Banners may be displayed from the face of the Upper Deck or the top of the bleacher section. Poles and/or sticks are prohibited.
  • BROOMS, POLES/STICKS, NOISE MAKERS, AIRHORNS, LASERPOINTERS and any other irritating or distracting items are prohibited and will be confiscated.
  • CAMERAS, VIDEO CAMERAS and CELLULAR PHONES: Cameras and video cameras are permitted inside Progressive Field as long as their use does not interfere with the game or other guests' enjoyment of the game. Tripods are not permitted. Cellular Phones are allowed as long as they do not distract from the enjoyment if the game by other guests. All such items are subject to inspection.
  • RE-ENTRY POLICY: Fans needing to exit and re-enter Progressive Field must do so through a dedicated gate at Gate A. Their game ticket will be scanned upon exit. To re-enter the Ballpark, fans will enter through the Security Checkpoint and turnstiles where their ticket will be re-scanned. During games in which a gate giveaway is taking place, fans leaving the exit gate will have their ticket scanned and marked so that they may not receive multiple promotional items.
  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: In the event of an emergency situation which causes a delay of the game or evacuation of the Ballpark, please direct your attention to the scoreboard and listen for announcements on the PA system. Hosts and security persons will also provide direction.
  • CONCEALED WEAPONS: Unless Specifically Authorized by Management, No Weapons, Concealed or Otherwise, are Permitted into the Ballpark.

Universal Code of Conduct

Major League Baseball has developed a Universal Code of Conduct for all Major League Ballparks. The Cleveland Indians are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ballpark experience. Our game day staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where:

  • Obscene or indecent clothing will not detract from the guest experience.
  • Guests will enjoy the baseball experience free from foul/abusive language or obscene gestures.
  • Guests will refrain from displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting.
  • Intervention with an impaired or intoxicated guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Guests will show their ticket when requested and sit only in their ticketed seat.
  • The progress of the game will not be disrupted by the guests' actions or unauthorized persons on the playing field.