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Taking the Bus to Comerica Park

The SMART or DDOT bus can take you to Tigers games at Comerica Park!

Check to see if there is a bus near you - go to and type in your starting location, Comerica Park, and the time you want to arrive. Easy as that!

Figure out what bus route will take you to your destination.

Visit - Enter your starting and ending locations and when you need to depart or arrive, and it will give you bus options for your travel.

For routes within Detroit, use DDOT (the Detroit Department of Transportation):
Visit, call 313-933-1300, or pick up system maps, route maps and schedules from their main office at 1301 E. Warren (just east of I-75).

For suburb-to-suburb or suburb-to-city routes, use SMART:
Visit for a full system map, route maps and schedules.

Note: SMART serves the downtown Detroit area from 6 am - 9 am and 3 pm - 6 pm on weekdays only.
You can also call SMART toll-free at 866-962-5515 during regular business hours.

SMART maps and schedules may be picked up in the Downtown Transit Center located in the Buhl Building at 535 Griswold.