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Peanut Friendly Days


The Tigers are pleased to offer Peanut Friendly Days for the 2016 season. This offer provides special accommodations to attend a Tigers game (certain provisions apply) for families who are affected by a peanut allergy.

Please note even though we aren't allowing nuts or nut products in the designated area, we can't guarantee this area will be nut free. Comerica Park is an open-air ballpark, and peanuts and other nut products will be present in other areas of the ballpark. While we will do a thorough cleaning of the area in advance, we cannot guarantee the absence of nut particles or residue. Fans with nut allergies should take all precautions that they customarily take in public places.

This event is SOLD OUT!


  • Maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased per family
  • Must complete a signed waiver (Adult pdf | Child pdf)

The Tigers Garage is reserved for season ticket holders. Click here to find a map of public parking areas and the location of the Tigers Garage. Proceed to suite 150-153, where accommodations have been made for the day. Parking will be available at your expense.

SportService, our suite, concession, catering and retail provider, will be offering a limited peanut free food menu for those who wish to purchase concessions at the park. You will be permitted to bring in your own food for this special occasion. It is important for parents not to bring in any food from home or from our concession stands that may trigger any allergic reactions (including but not limited to nut, egg, dairy, etc...).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call Corey Bell at 313-471-2361.