Detroit Tigers Postseason Information

Detroit Tigers Postseason

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Seating and Pricing

Individual Game Pricing

Seating Level Section WC & ALDS
(per game)
On-Deck Circle(Sec. 120-135)
Tiger Den(Sec. 120-135)
Terrace(Sec. 136-141; 116-118) $90
Lower Infield Box(Sec. 118-137) $100
Infield Box(Sec. 118-137) $100
Outfield Box(Sec. 115-117; 138-140) $80
Lower Baseline Box(Sec. 112-114; 141-143) $70
Club Seats Upper(Sec. 321-337) $80
Upper Box Infield(Sec. 321-333) $50
Upper Box RF(Sec. 210-219) $50
Upper Box LF(Sec. 338-346) $50
Upper Baseline Box(Sec. 334-337) $45
Mezzanine(Sec. 210-219) $45
Pavilion(Sec. 144-151) $60
RF Grandstand(Sec. 101-106) $70
Upper Reserved(Sec. 338-343) $35
Bleachers(Sec. 101-106) $55
Kaline's Corner(Sec. 107-111) $55
Skyline(Sec. 344-345) $35
RF Balcony (Tables)
RF Balcony (Tiered)
Standing Room Only $30
Comerica Park Seating Map

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Postseason Schedule

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About your tickets

Please note the following:

  • Lost or Stolen Tickets: Please safeguard your tickets. Handle them as you would cash. Lost or stolen tickets for postseason games will not be replaced nor can they be repurchased under any circumstances.
  • Your postseason tickets will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment. There will be no provision to hold your tickets for pick up.
  • Tickets to unplayed games need not be returned.