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Outfield Experience


John Deere Little K
Future big leaguers can start their careers on the new and improved John Deere Little K. Take a pitch from the K Crew and try to hit it over the outfield wall or take a spin around the bases on the new turf field.
Two tokens get you: four pitches
Sluggerrr's Pitching Mound
Think you can throw as fast as a MLB pitcher? Test your pitching prowess and clock your best time at Sluggerrr's Pitching Mound.
One token gets you: three pitches to throw
MLB2K10 Game Lounge
Major League Baseball® 2K10 captures the essence of baseball down to some of the most player-specific details including batting stances, pitching windups and signature swings. The MLB2K9 Game Lounge allows you to test your skills.
No tokens required.
Sluggerrr's Batting Challenge
Step up to the plate and swing for the fences at Sluggerrr's Batting Challenge.
One token
Sluggerrr's Base Run
Burn up the base paths and see how fast you are when you take a test sprint on Sluggerrr's Base Run
One Token
Sluggerrr's Mini Golf
Even Sluggerrr likes a day on the links, as long as it's at the ballpark. Hit the greens on the five-hole, baseball-themed mini golf course.
One token gets you: one round of golf
Take a spin Royals Style! Enjoy the new Carousel with hand-carved horses decked out with Royals gear. And, don't forget to look for Sluggerrr. He couldn't miss out on the fun!
One token gets you: a ride on the Carousel
Climb up to the tallest lookout point and take a ride down the royal blue slide at the playground.
No tokens required.
Outfield Experience Mainstage
For Saturday night home games, enjoy live entertainment on the Outfield Experience Mainstage, located in between the All Star BBQ and Sluggerrr's Mini Golf.
No tokens required.