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A-to-Z Guide

Looking for specific details on how things work at Marlins Park? Our A-to-Z Guide can answer your questions!

  • A

    Accessible Seating and Services

    Accessible seating is readily available on all levels of Marlins Park.

    Accommodations and special services are available for Guests who require wheelchair seating and/or other assisting devices at the Guest Services Centers located on the Promenade Level at Section 15 and on the Vista Level at Section 318.

    • Accessible Parking
      • Accessible Parking is available in all four (4) parking garages, and all surface parking lots located at Marlins Park. A hanging placard or accessible licensed plate is required to gain access to accessible parking.
    • Amplified Telephones
      • Amplified telephones are available at the Guest Services Centers located on the Promenade Level at Section 15 and on the Vista Level at Section 318.
    • Assistive Listening Devices
      • Complimentary hearing amplification devices are available and provided at both Guest Services Centers. Guests must present a photo I.D. or driver's license as a security deposit for use of such devices. Marlins game day radio broadcast is re-transmitted inside the Ballpark on FM 102 in English and FM 104 in Spanish.
    • Braille and Tactile Signs
      • Braille and Tactile signs are located throughout the Ballpark.
    • Closed Captioning
      • Closed Captioning is available at each end of the ribbon board located on the Lexus Legends Level.
    • Restrooms/Family Restrooms
      • Restrooms and wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on all levels of Marlins Park. Family restrooms are available in the following locations:
        • Promenade Level - Sections 2, 7, 22 and 39
        • Home Run Porch - Section 134
        • Lexus Legends Level - Sections 201, 209 and 221
        • Vista Level - Sections 3023, 312 and 318
    • Video Phones/TTY Telephone
      • Video Phones/TTY Telephones are available for use at the Guest Services Centers located on the Promenade Level at Section 15 and on the Vista Level at Section 318.
    • Wheelchair Accessibility
      • Wheelchair accessible and semi-ambulatory seats with operable armrests are located in various sections on all the ballpark levels.
      • Maximum of three (3) companions/escorts may accompany a Guest with disabilities into designated seating areas.
      • For more information on wheelchair accessibility and tickets please contact the Marlins Box Office at 1-877-MARLINS.
    • Wheelchair Assistance
      • Wheelchair transport to and from seats is available to Guests and can be requested at any Marlins Park Entrance or Guest Services Centers by informing an Usher or Guest Services Team Member.

    All Ticket Windows, Concessions, Bars and Ramps throughout Marlins Park are accessible to Guests with disabilities.

    Administrative Offices

    The mailing address is: 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. The telephone number for administrative requests is (305) 480-1300. Email requests may be sent to

    Advertising Opportunities

    Hit a "Home Run" for your business by becoming a Miami Marlins Corporate Partner. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a fully customized marketing solution that delivers the results you desire. For more information, call our Corporate Partnerships Department at 1-877-MARLINS.

    Aisles, Ramps, Seats and Stairways

    To help enhance the Guest experience and safety for all events at Marlins Park, sitting or standing in the aisles, on the ramps, in the stairways, on seat backs and on seats or stepping over/on seats is not permitted. Guests will be asked to return to their seats. As a courtesy to others, we request that Guests refrain from walking in aisles while players are at-bat.

    Alcohol Policy

    The Miami Marlins and Levy Restaurants, Inc., the concessionaire at Marlins Park, promote the responsible sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

    • All alcohol sales will be discontinued in the seating bowl, general concession stands and portable concession stands at the completion of the 7th inning for all baseball games.
    • There is a two (2) alcoholic beverages, or one (1) double purchase limit per person with valid ID.
    • A Guest who appears to be 30 years of age or younger purchasing alcohol must produce a valid form of United States identification. The following forms of valid identification are accepted: State issued driver's license, U.S. Passport, State issued photo I.D., U.S. Military issued photo I.D.
    • No alcohol will be sold to Guests who appear intoxicated.
    • Guests (adults) passing alcohol to minors will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    • Guests possessing alcohol who do not have proof of being 21 or older will be subject to arrest and citation.
    • Miami Marlins and Levy Restaurants, Inc. reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any Guest.
    • Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the Ballpark.
    • Guests are not permitted to leave the Ballpark with alcoholic beverages.


    Employees monitoring the exits will request that Guests finish or dispose of alcoholic beverages before exiting the Ballpark.

    All-Star Balloting

    We encourage all Guests to vote for their favorite Marlins players in the balloting process for Major League Baseball's annual All-Star Game. Balloting begins in May and continues through June. Guests may pick up ballots from Ushers, at all Ballpark Entrances, Marlins Team Stores or at Guest Services Centers. Completed ballots can be dropped in the ballot boxes located throughout the Ballpark. Guests can also vote online during the official balloting period at

    Service Animals

    Service, signal or guide animals for Guests with disabilities are welcome at all Marlins Park events as long as the animal is not a danger to others and does not interfere with others (through unwanted attention, barking, inappropriate toileting, etc.). If specific accommodations are required for service animals, please contact Guest Services at (305) 480-1300.

    Announcements and Paging

    Paging over the Marlins Park public address system is available for medical emergencies by contacting a Guest Services Team Member or by visiting one of the Guest Services Centers.

    Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund benefits the Marlins Charity Partners. Donations may be made on-line at

    Anthem Singers

    Singers interested in performing the national anthem for a Marlins home game are asked to submit a CD demo performing the anthem a cappella. Instrumentalists are also asked to submit a CD demo without accompaniment. All performers should label their audition recordings with their name, address and telephone number. The recordings should be sent to the Miami Marlins, Attention: Marlins Vision, 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. Please note that all submitted materials will not be returned to sender.


    Marlins Park features two (2) 450 gallon salt water fish tanks behind home plate. Each aquarium is constructed of durable fiberglass with clear acrylic panels 1.5 inches thick. To protect the aquarium from foul balls, errant pitches or any other unexpected contact we have installed polycarbonate, a material used in bullet-resistant glass in front of the acrylic panels.

    Art in Public Places

    A total of four (4) special art projects were selected by Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places to be displayed at Marlins Park. See 'Column Illumination,' 'Orange Bowl Tribute,' 'Plaza Walkways,' and 'Home Run Sculpture' for more detailed information.

    At the Ballpark App At The Ballpark is your mobile companion when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. The official MLB ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes the trip with mobile check-ins, social media offers, rewards and exclusive content. Select MLB ballparks also offer mobile food ordering and seat and experience upgrade components. Please visit for more information.


    For Guests' convenience, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are available at the following locations:

    3rd Base Entrance

    • Two (2) located side by side just inside the entrance lobby.

    New Era Team Store

    • One (1) located inside the New Era Team Store on the West Plaza

    Promenade Level

    • One (1) located across from Section 3
    • Two (2) located across from Section 15
    • One (1) located across from Section 25

    Lexus Legends Level

    • One (1) located immediately inside the doors of the 1st Base Helix Ramp behind section 204
    • One (1) located at the top of the escalator landing at Section 227

    Vista Level

    • One (1) located across from Section 318
    • One (1) located across from Section 326.

    Assistive Listening Devices

    See "Accessible Seating and Services"

    Autograph Policy

    Guests may seek autographs from the time entrances open until 45 minutes prior to game time. Marlins players may sign autographs before each game when time permits; however, autograph opportunities are not guaranteed at every game. Autograph sessions for Guests will be scheduled from time to time during the year.

    Automobile Trouble

    As a complimentary service to all Marlins Park Guests, a towing service will provide emergency road service assistance within our parking garages and surface lots to any Guest experiencing car trouble, beginning two hours before the game and up to one hour after the game. Services include recharging battery, being locked-out as well as changing a flat tire. A fee will apply if a vehicle is requested to be moved off property. Guests requiring this service should contact any Miami Parking Authority staff member, Parking Security Officer, Guest Services Team Member or Miami Police Officer for assistance. Miami Parking Authority customer service hotline number is (305) 579-4900.

  • B

    Baby-Changing Areas

    Baby Changing Tables are available in all restrooms and family restrooms. Family restrooms are located in the following areas:

    Promenade Level

    • Across from Sections 2, 7, 22 and 39


    Lexus Legends Level

    • Across from Sections 201, 209 and 221


    Vista Level

    • Across from Sections 302, 312 and 318


    Bag Policy

    To ensure the safety and security of our Guests, the Marlins reserve the right to inspect any bags, clothing or other articles prior to entry into Marlins Park and prohibit entry or require removal of any items at their sole discretion. Therefore, all bags will be thoroughly inspected before they are permitted into Marlins Park. In accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations, any bag larger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches will not be permitted into Marlins Park. Soft-sided bags (e.g., diaper bags and small purses) are permitted. Briefcases, coolers and hard-sided bags and containers are not permitted. Bag-size bins will be used at inspection points, and bags and their contents must fit without assistance, modification or adjustment. Any item that could affect the safety of Marlins Park Guests/staff/property will be denied entry.


    Guests are permitted to bring and display banners in Marlins Park as long as they do not interfere with the game, other Guest's enjoyment of the game, existing Ballpark advertising signage, or contain any language deemed inappropriate by Marlins Management. Poles and/or sticks are prohibited. Banners may not be paraded through any part of the Ballpark. Banners and/or signs may be displayed between innings only.

    Batting Practice

    Guests who choose to watch batting practice and infield workouts from a seat other than their own (based on availability) may remain in those areas until the seat-holder arrives, or 45 minutes after the entrances open. At that time, Guests will be asked to return to their seats by an Event Staff or Guest Services Team Member. On certain game days, teams may elect not to take batting practice, infield workouts or both.

    Bicycle Parking

    The Miami Marlins encourage Guests to ride their bicycle to Marlins Park. Bicycle racks are available on the first floor of the 3rd Base Garage and Home Plate Garage located on the north side of the Ballpark. For more information, visit us online at

    Billy's Bunch Kids Club

    Billy's Bunch is the official kids club of the Miami Marlins for children 12 years of age and under. The annual membership includes several great Billy's Bunch giveaways, as well as exclusive offers and benefits. Children can join by asking their parents to register at or at Marlins Fan Headquarters, located near Section 20 on the Promenade Level, during any Marlins regular season home game until July 31.

    • Membership is FREE for residents of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier and Monroe counties.
    • For Florida residents outside of the 5-county area, please include $2.95 per member for shipping and handling.
    • For out-of-state residents, please include $9.95 per member for shipping and handling.


    Billy's Bunch Show

    Designed with the young Marlins fan in mind and featuring the ever-popular "Billy The Marlin," this continuing series is a unique baseball experience for the child in everyone, taking fans beyond the playing field and sharing players' interest both on and off the field. Each show offers segments tailored to educate and entertain children and their families on the fundamentals of baseball. Six new shows will be produced this season. Episodes will premiere the first Saturday of the month at 10:00 A.M. ET on FOX Sports Florida (April - September).

    Premier air dates:

    • April 5th
    • May 3rd
    • June 7th
    • July 5th
    • August 2nd
    • September 6th


    Billy The Marlin

    Billy The Marlin is the official mascot of the Miami Marlins. In his spare time Billy likes to make appearances at youth clinics, schools, hospitals, and parades throughout the year. All requests for personal appearances must be made to Billy The Marlin via email at, phone (305) 480-1416 or by mail, 501 Marlins Way, attention: Billy the Marlin, Miami, FL 33125.

    Birthday Bash

    What better place to celebrate a birthday than at a Marlins game? The Birthday Bash starts at just 20 tickets and is held in the Bullpen Zone next to the Marlins Bullpen. The Birthday Bash features a special birthday menu including cupcakes for all guests, a visit from the Sea Creatures and the chance for the birthday child to wave the green flag for the Sea Creature race! Contact the Group Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or for further information.

    Birthday Messages

    See "Celebration Club"

    Bobblehead Museum

    The Bobblehead Museum display on the Promenade Level is located near Sections 14/15. The display features nearly 700 bobbleheads including a collection of current and former Marlins players, as well as current and past baseball players, mascots and broadcasters. The entire structure moves ever so slightly, causing the heads to bobble.

    Bottles and Cans

    No bottles or cans are permitted in Marlins Park with the exceptions of the following:

    • Baby bottles
    • Guests with medical needs
    • Unopened soft-sided, single-serving containers (e.g., small milk cartons, juice boxes, etc.)
    • Clear factory-sealed plastic water bottles 20 ounces in size or smaller.


    Exceptions can be made at the sole discretion of the Marlins.

    Budweiser Balcony

    Located on the Promenade Level, the Budweiser Balcony is an ideal party area for groups of 20 to 30 overlooking left field and steps away from breathtaking views of downtown Miami. The area features counter top seating and groups have the option to add on a special food and beverage package. Please contact the Group Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or for further information.

    Budweiser Bowtie Bar

    Located on the Promenade Level, the Budweiser Bowtie Bar is a popular meeting and gathering place for Guests of Marlins Park during batting practice and throughout the game. The views to the City of Miami and its glistening skyline are unparalleled from this location.

    Budweiser Good Sport Program

    The Marlins and Budweiser have teamed up to implement the Budweiser Good Sport Program as a thank you to Guests who respect the rights of others, drink responsibly and designate a driver at Marlins home games. Please visit the Budweiser Good Sport Kiosk located by Section 13. Program registrants must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license.

    Bullpen Zone

    Located in right field, the Bullpen Zone is just inches from the action on the field with views into the home team bullpen! The Bullpen Zone offers exclusive party space for up to 60 people, option to add on special food and drink packages through Levy Restaurants, Marlins Vision Welcome Message and the option to purchase on-site garage parking passes. Please contact the Group Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or for further information.

  • C

    Cameras and Video Equipment

    Digital cameras are permitted in Marlins Park. Digital cameras with extended length zoom lenses greater than 300mm are not permitted. Mono/tripods, other professional camera equipment, camcorders and other video or audio recording equipment are not permitted. Guests are not permitted to transmit and/or stream or aid in transmitting and/or streaming any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information about any Marlins games or events.

    Camp Day

    Camps throughout South Florida are invited to participate in our annual Marlins Camp Day featuring games on June 18, and July 30, starting at 12:40 p.m. Group tickets start at only $10.00. Please contact the Group Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or for more information.

    Carry-In Policy

    See "Entry Guidelines and Notice"

    Celebration Club

    The Marlins Celebration Club allows Guests to celebrate a special occasion at a Marlins game with a personalized message on Marlins Vision during the end of the 2nd inning for a $50 donation. Interested in having Billy The Marlin visit your seats or join him on the field for the 7th Inning Stretch? Requests are taken on a first come, first served basis and require a minimum of 24 hours' notice. Contact the Marlins Foundation at (305) 480-2550 or for more information or visit

    Charity Partner

    Every year the Marlins partner with four local non-profit organizations, which are selected through the Charity Partner Empowerment Fund (CPEF) selection process. In addition to a $25,000 donation during the season, each organization will host a night at the ballpark where the Marlins highlight the great work they are doing in our South Florida community. To apply to become a Charity Partner, visit

    Charging Stations

    For your convenience, mobile charging stations are available on the Promenade Level at the following locations:

    • Section 8 - on the concourse behind the seating section
    • Section 15 - adjacent to the Guest Services Center
    • Section 22 - on the concourse behind the seating section
    • Skyline Terrace - adjacent to the Budweiser Bowtie Bar
    • Section 36 - adjacent to the Bacardi Oakheart Bar


    Children up to 36 months old do not need a ticket to access inside the ballpark. However, the child must sit on an adult's lap during the game without obstructing the view of any other Guests.

    The Clevelander at Marlins Park

    The Miami Marlins have partnered with the world-renowned South Beach hotel, The Clevelander, to operate a poolside lounge area unlike any other ballpark experience. The Clevelander at Marlins Park features a swimming pool, fabulous cuisine, signature beverages, entertainment and a one-of-a-kind seating location at the Field Level while viewing the game through the outfield fence. Located next to the bullpen in left field, Guests of The Clevelander will have the opportunity to watch the visiting team pitchers warm up and a close-up view of the Marlins outfielders making spectacular plays during the game. The Clevelander will open hours before the game on game days and remain open after games and on non-game days for private events. Individuals under 21 years of age are not allowed inside the Clevelander.

    Closed Captioning

    See "Accessible Seating and Services"

    Column Illumination

    As part of Miami-Dade County's Art in Public Places program, Daniel Arsham/Snarkitecture was selected to highlight the one-of-a-kind 'Tree Columns' in the West Plaza that support the roof. The illumination of the Marlins Ballpark Tree Columns uses the simple concept of revealing and concealing through the use of light. Standing nearly 200 feet in height, each of the four columns fades up and down as if the light is a breath, appearing and disappearing in subtly varying rhythms. The scale of the columns and the oscillating light allows this effect to be visible at great distances through the city, acting as a beacon drawing fans to the ballpark and announcing events occurring within.

    Comments, Compliments and Complaints

    Guest with comments, compliments or complaints may express it in person during Marlins Park events at the Guest Services Centers located on the Promenade Level, at Section 15 and on the Vista Level at Section 318 of the Ballpark. Guests may also e-mail any feedback at or speak with a Guest Services representative by calling (305) 480-1300.

    Community Outreach

    The Marlins are committed to promoting and sustaining close and cooperative relationships with their neighbors and working with them to enhance the quality of life throughout the surrounding communities. The Marlins regularly open the doors of Marlins Park to host events for members of the surrounding communities, allocate grants, and donate tickets, products and sporting goods in support of various community-based organizations that focus on providing positive educational, social and recreational outlets for the residents of the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County and throughout South Florida. Also see "Marlins Ayudan" section.

    Concessions/Exclusive Lounges

    Field Level

    • Bacardi 1st and 3rd Base Dugout Club (exclusive area with premium ballpark fare)
    • Diamond Club (exclusive area behind home plate with premium restaurant/lounge)


    Promenade Level

    • Kosher Korner - Sections 1 (Kosher ballpark fare)
    • Goya Latin Café - Section 4 (Cuban fare, rice and beans)
    • Metro Grill - Section 5 (burgers, chicken tenders, grilled chicken sandwiches)
    • Fan Feast - Sections 8, 16, 23, 29,34, 38 (nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels)
    • Sir Pizza - Sections 10, 26 (pizza)
    • Burger 305 - Sections 13, 19 (burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, chicken sandwiches.) In addition, Burger 305 at Section 13 would also offer signature food items associated to the visiting team.
    • Sweet Play - Section 24 (ice cream, candy)
    • Taste Of Miami - Section 28
      • Papo Llega y Pon (pork sandwich/tamales)
      • Latin American Grill (Cuban sandwich)
      • Don Camaron (Ceviche)
      • Panna Café Express (empanadas)
    • Kids Shack - Section 34 (child appropriate servings of traditional ballpark fare)
    • Miami Mex - Section 40 (tacos, nachos, churros)


    Legends Level

    • Metro Grill - Section 202 (burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, chicken sandwiches)
    • D'town Favorites - Sections 205, 210 (nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels)
    • Welcome to the Show - Section 208 (rotating menu for visiting team, please see Guest Services for updates)
    • Prime Burger - Section 220 (burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, chicken sandwiches)
    • Rincon Habana - Section 223 (Cuban fare, rice and beans, assorted sandwiches)
    • Sir Pizza - Section 226 (pizza)


    Vista Level

    • Fan Feast - Sections 304, 314, 322 (nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels)
    • Burger 305 - Sections 310, 321 (burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, chicken sandwiches)
    • Rincon Habana - Section 315 (Cuban fare, rice and beans, assorted sandwiches)


    Credit Cards

    For Guests' convenience, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa are accepted at most locations throughout Marlins Park.

  • D

    Diamond Club

    Located on the Field Level directly behind home plate, the Diamond Club is one of Miami's most exclusive premium entertainment experiences. These seats are ideal to entertain clients, friends and family, reward your employees, socialize with other Guests, or simply to enjoy the best seats for each Marlins regular season home game. The Diamond Club is limited to five sections, eight rows and less than 384 seats. For season ticket availably in the Diamond Club, please call (305) 480-2521 or email

    Diamond Dash

    As part of Family Sundays, all kids 12 years of age and under will be able to run the bases on the field immediately following every Sunday home game at Marlins Park. Once the game has ended, kids and parents or chaperons should report to the Promenade Level behind Sections 4/5, to be escorted to the field. Billy's Bunch members and season ticket holders may also show their membership card at Section 1 to gain access to the VIP Diamond Dash line.

    Disabled Seating

    See "Accessible Seating and Services"

    Donation Requests (Marlins Foundation)

    The Marlins are committed to assisting non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts. If you would like the Marlins to consider donating to your next fundraiser, please visit Please note that the Marlins require at least six weeks' notice for consideration of your requests.

    Drop-Off Lane

    The designated area for all drop offs is located on Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue) between Bobby Maduro Drive (NW 4th Street) and Felo Ramirez Drive (NW 6th Street). There is curb space along Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue), which provides a safe area to facilitate pre-event drop offs and pickups.

  • E

    Electronic Cigarettes

    E-cigarettes are prohibited inside Marlins Park.


    There are eight (8) passenger elevators at Marlins Park. Priority access is given to Guests with disabilities on all elevators. Elevators are located in the following areas:

    • 3rd Base Entrance:
      • One (1) elevator in the 3rd Base Entrance Lobby for Guests with access to the Promenade Level.
    • Diamond Club Entrance:
      • Three (3) elevators in the Diamond Club Entrance Lobby for Guests who have access to the Promenade, Founders, Lexus Legends and Vista Levels.
    • Bacardi 1st Base Dugout Club Entrance:
      • Two (2) elevators for Guests who have access to the Promenade, Lexus Legends and Vista Levels.
    • Bobby Maduro Entrance:
      • One (1) elevator for Guests who have access to the Promenade and Lexus Legends Levels.
    • Center field Entrance:
      • One (1) elevator for Guests who have access to the Promenade Level and Home Run Porch.


    Emergency Evacuation

    Should there be an immediate need to evacuate Marlins Park; Guests will be given instructions by the public-address/open-caption systems. Exit instructions will also be posted on high-definition televisions in the concourses. Guests are encouraged to take the following steps:

    • Be aware of your location in Marlins Park at all times.
    • Identify the two exits located nearest to your seats.
    • Listen, observe and follow instructions from the public-address system, video boards and concourse high-definition televisions.
    • Ask for assistance and information from guest services, police, and medical and security personnel.
    • Do not panic.
    • Guests are asked to remain calm, walk to the exits at a normal pace and proceed to the nearest safe area.
    • Elevators and escalators are NOT operational during an evacuation.
    • Individuals in wheelchairs should evacuate in an emergency, using a ramp or wait at an elevator for Emergency Medical Services or other First Responders.


    Employment Opportunities

    All of our current Marlins employment opportunities are posted online at


    Marlins Park has four main entrances: 1st Base Entrance, Home Plate Entrance, 3rd Base Entrance and Center Field Entrance. There are also four premium entrances: Diamond Club Entrance, Bobby Maduro Entrance, Bacardi 1st and 3rd Base Dugout Club Entrances. Marlins Park entrances usually open 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start of every regular season home game. Diamond Club Entrance opens two (2) hours prior to the scheduled start of every regular season home game. Please note that entrance openings are subject to change for special events, Opening Night and postseason play.

    Entry Guidelines and Notice

    The Marlins highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of our Guests and we will take every reasonable step to ensure the safety of everyone entering Marlins Park. The Marlins administer several important security measures in accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations and in conjunction with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies:

    Guests and their belongings may be inspected before entering Marlins Park.

    Any person or property that could affect the safety of Marlins Park Guests/property shall be denied entry. The Marlins encourage Guests to arrive at least 60 minutes prior to first pitch to avoid lines and to enjoy pregame activities on the West Plaza. Please follow all signage and directions from security personnel. If you provide tickets to someone who may not be familiar with Marlins Park security policies, please alert your Guests to these measures. Marlins Park gates usually open one and a half hours prior to the scheduled start of every home game. Please see the "Entrances" entry.

    Security Procedures: In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our Guests, the following guidelines are in place for all events held at Marlins Park.

    Guests are welcome to bring the following items inside the ballpark:

    • One soft-sided, factory-sealed water bottle - 20 ounces or smaller
    • One single serving food item contained in a clear plastic bag - Pieces of fruit must be sliced
    • Bags no larger than 16"X16"X 8" in size - All bags are subject to inspection


    The following items will not be permitted inside the ballpark:

    • Glass bottles, metal cans, hard-sided coolers, open or hard-sided containers, commercial-grade photo and audio, and no video equipment
    • Alcohol or illegal substances
    • Soft drinks or sports/energy drinks
    • Fireworks, laser pointers, brooms, poles, confetti and glitter
    • Weapons, regardless of permit
    • Pets (Except for service animals or during specific promotions)
    • Noise makers, musical instruments, etc. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Marlins
    • Obscene or indecent clothing
    • Use of Wheeled Footwear or Skateboards
    • Baseball Bats other than the miniature souvenir bats purchased at our Team Stores.
    • Aerosol cans (e.g. mace, pepper spray, hairspray, etc.)


    Such items will be prohibited from being brought into Marlins Park. There is no storage area for these items. Guests arriving by mass transit should take particular care not to bring any prohibited items, as no exceptions will be made.

    Guests who are or appear to be intoxicated and/or unmanageable will not be permitted into Marlins Park.

    Re-entry is not permitted, except for specific circumstances. Please see the "Exit/Re-entry" entry.

    The Marlins reserve the right to change or modify these guidelines.


    There are a total of ten (10) escalators in Marlins Park. Escalators are located in the following areas:

    • 3rd Base Entrance:
      • Two (2) escalators that allow Guests to access the Promenade Level.
    • Home Plate Entrance:
      • Two (2) escalators that allow Guests to access the Promenade Level.
    • Promenade Level:
      • One (1) escalator is located near Section 27 that allow Guests access to the Lexus Legends Level.
      • One (1) escalator near Section 28 in the left field corner that allow Guests to access the Vista Level.
      • Two (2) escalators behind home plate near Sections 15/16 that allow Guests to access the Lexus Legends Level
    • Lexus Legends Level Bridge:
      • Two (2) escalators will allow Guests to access the Promenade Level.



    Guests are not permitted to leave Marlins Park and return using the same ticket. Re-admission into Marlins Park will only be allowed in the case of an emergency. Please see security personnel prior to exiting Marlins Park. Guests are permitted to leave the Ballpark with the express purpose of patronizing the New Era Team Store, which is located on the West Plaza of Marlins Park. Guests must present their ticket to the Entrance Supervisor at the Home Plate Entrance prior to exiting the Ballpark. The Entrance Supervisor will stamp the ticket and hand stamp each respective Guest to accommodate re-entry for this specific purpose.

  • F

    Family Sundays

    Every Sunday home game is a Marlins Family Sunday. Guests are invited to enjoy pregame festivities on the West Plaza, entertainment and activities throughout the game and kids 12 years of age and under can run the bases after the game. For a full list of Family Sunday promotions and giveaways, go to

    Fan Club

    The Miami Marlins Fan Club is available to fans 13 years of age and older for an annual membership fee of $20. All 2014 members will receive an official Fan Club membership card, t-shirt, baseball cap, drawstring bag, lanyard, retro sunglasses and access to several exclusive events and activities throughout the season. Fans can sign up for the Fan Club at the ballpark at the Marlins Fan Headquarters, located near Section 20 or online at

    Fan Mail

    Letters to Marlins players should be addressed to the attention of that specific player at Miami Marlins, 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. If a response is desired, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. All letters are delivered to the addressee, but a personal response from a player cannot be guaranteed.

    Fan Text Messaging

    Guests can use their cell phones to confidentially text security and Guest Services questions and concerns to Marlins Park Team Members by texting the word FISH (Space) issue and location to 69050 (standard message rates apply), and a Marlins Park Team Member will respond accordingly.


    Father's Day Play Catch

    This is the opportunity to play catch on a MLB field. Join the Marlins Foundation for Father's Day Play Catch on Sunday, June 15th, 2014. For more information, visit Proceeds benefit the Marlins RBI scholarship.


    Field Dimensions
    • Center Field: 418 ft.
    • Left Field: 344 ft.
    • Left Center Field: 386 ft.
    • Right Field: 335 ft.
    • Right Center Field: 392 ft.


    Fiesta Suites

    Located on the first base side of the Lexus Legends Level, the six Fiesta Suites offer the intimacy of entertaining smaller groups in a private setting. It's an ideal location for business entertainment and celebrations of all kinds. You will not only enjoy the great view of the game from a private, outdoor ballpark seating, but also enjoy a spacious, climate-controlled interior lounge perfect for relaxing, eating, conversing and celebrating. Options to add on special food and beverage packages through Levy Restaurants are available for groups of 24; adjacent Fiesta Suites may also be combined to accommodate larger groups of 48. Please contact our Group Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or for more information.

    First Aid Room

    First-Aid Rooms are located on the Promenade Level at Section 6 and Vista Level at Section 306. Guests in need of medical assistance should notify security personnel, the nearest Marlins Park Team Member or visit the nearest First-Aid Room. Either the City of Miami Department of Fire-rescue or Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue personnel are available during all games and public events. Roving medical personnel are also available throughout Marlins Park to provide medical assistance to Guests.

    Foul Balls/Home Run Balls

    Guests are welcome to keep any foul or home run balls hit into the stands as long as they do not interfere with the safety and comfort of others. Major League Baseball rules prohibit fans from throwing any object onto the field or interfering with a ball in play; offenders will face immediate ejection from Marlins Park. Guests should stay alert at all times for bats and balls that could enter the seating areas.

    Fuel Efficient Vehicles

    Marlins Park offers Fuel Efficient Vehicle (FEV) parking spaces at each of the four (4) parking garages. These spaces are reserved for electric and hybrid vehicles as part of the Marlins Park green initiatives. Please contact the Miami Parking Authority at (305) 373-6789 for further information.

  • G

    Game Day Messages

    See "Celebration Club"


    Several Guests giveaways will be scheduled throughout the 2014 season. Giveaways will be available at all entrances while supplies last. For a full list of giveaways, promotions, theme nights and ticket offers, please visit one of the Guest Services Centers, or go online to

    Green Initiatives

    The Marlins are committed to promoting a sustainable environment and have implemented many green initiatives into the design and operation of Marlins Park.

    Sports Lighting: The Green Generation Lighting® developed by Musco will enhance the playing of America's favorite pastime while cutting energy costs and minimally impacting the environment. All lamps were aimed digitally within 0.15 degree of accuracy, maximizing the quantity and quality of the lighting while satisfying today's high definition broadcasting needs.

    Energy Efficient Design: Marlins Park has implemented energy efficient design strategies that help to reduce our energy usage by more than 20% over the current Florida Building Code requirements.

    Cool Roof: While the roof of Marlins Park looks cool, it is also considered a Cool Roof. The white reflective roofing material installed at Marlins Park was selected to minimize heat gain within the facility, lowering the demand for air conditioning.

    Recycling: Working alongside Waste Management, the Marlins have implemented a comprehensive recycling program throughout Marlins Park. Recycling containers are located throughout Marlins Park concourses as well as the West and East Plazas for the convenience of our Guests and to allow everyone to be responsible stewards of our environment. To enhance our recycling program, our food concessionaire, Levy Restaurants, Inc. has selected concession packaging and cutlery that are recyclable or composed of recycled materials.

    Reduced Water Usage: Marlins Park's low flow water closets, restroom faucets, showerheads and waterless urinals projected to reduce our overall water use for the facility by approximately 50%.

    Regional Materials: More than half of the total materials used in the construction of Marlins Park were sourced, manufactured, or fabricated from within 500 miles of the ballpark site, thus limiting the overall carbon footprint of the project.

    Group Tickets

    Discounted tickets for select games and seating categories are available for groups of twenty 20 or more. Groups can also enjoy one of our many game day suite rentals or party area options. For pricing and availability, visit or contact the Group Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or

    Guest Code of Conduct

    The Marlins continually strive to create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all Guests at Marlins Park. Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all Marlins Park Team Members and the Marlins ask for Guests to conduct themselves in a manner that will help ensure a positive experience for everyone. The following Guest Code of Conduct has been established to help maintain an enjoyable environment for everyone.

    • Guests using foul or abusive language are subject to ejection
    • Disorderly fans inside Marlins Park are subject to ejection and possibly arrest
    • Guests throwing objects onto the field, or entering the field of play, are subject to immediate ejection and arrest
    • Guests are not permitted to enter the ballpark with inflammatory signs
    • Guests appearing intoxicated will not be permitted inside Marlins Park
    • Guests must refrain from standing or leaning on handrails
    • Guest are not permitted to smoke inside the ballpark
    • Guests who are sitting or standing on seat backs, standing on seats or stepping over/on seats


    The Marlins thank you for adhering to the Guest Code of Conduct. The Marlins goal is to attain the highest possible standards with its Team on and off the field. Be proud of Marlins Park and enjoy the experience.

    Guest Interference

    In the interest of player and Guest safety, the Miami Marlins maintain a policy that prohibits Guest interfering with a ball in play or disruption of an event at Marlins Park. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate removal from Marlins Park.

    Guest Screening

    In accordance with Major League Baseball's Guest Screening Policy, the Miami Marlins are introducing walk through metal detectors at specific entrances in 2014. This includes the Diamond Club Entrance, 3rd Base Entrance, Bacardi 1st and 3rd Base Dugout Club Entrances. Wand hand-held metal detectors will also be tested on select game days at every entrance. Full implementation of this MLB Guest Screening Policy will be in effect for the 2015 season.

    Guest Services Centers

    The Guest Services Centers are located on the Promenade Level at Section 15 and on the Vista Level at Section 318 to assist Guests with questions and address any needs they may have. Guest Services Team Members are also available around Marlins Park to assist Guests.

    Guests with Disabilities and Wheelchair Accessibility

    See "Accessible Seating and Services"

  • H

    Home Run Sculpture

    The 73-foot signature home run sculpture is designed by American pop artist Red Grooms. A pioneer of site-specific sculpture and installation art, Grooms "sculpto-pictorama" design for the home run feature depicts an elaborate tableau of bright colors, stylized water and spectacular lasers. Dotted with clouds, pelicans, seagulls, and plenty of Florida-inspired kitsch, the design incorporates three jumping marlins, a pair of flamingos that flap their wings, jetting streams of water and rolling ocean waves that activate when a home run is scored.

  • I

  • J

  • K

  • L

    Lost And Found

    Guests inquiring about a lost item or turning in a lost item may do so at the Guest Services Centers located on the Promenade Level at Section 15 or on the Vista Level at Section 318. To inquire by phone, please call (305) 480-5120.

    Lost/Stolen Tickets

    Tickets are valuable items, and the Marlins recommend that Guests keep them in a secure place. Lost or stolen tickets can be replaced only under the terms and conditions set forth by the Marlins and only to the account holder of record. If tickets are lost or left at home or an incorrect ticket is presented for admission, the account holder of record is required to purchase replacement tickets to cover the missing tickets. A nonrefundable processing fee of $5 per ticket will be charged for replacement tickets. Tickets that are reported stolen are replaced only when an official police report is provided to the Marlins Park Ticket Office. Stolen tickets, with a police report, will be replaced without charge. Replacement tickets may not be exchanged. Replacement tickets, once issued, will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

    Lost Children/Tag-A-Kid Program

    See "Safe in the Seat I.D. Wristbands"

  • M

    Marlins Park Team Members

    From the instant Guests arrive at Marlins Park to the moment they leave, a variety of Marlins Park Guest Services Team Members strive to make each and every Guest experience as enjoyable, and memorable as possible.

    Marlins Ayudan

    Marlins Ayudan (Spanish for "help") is the signature outreach initiative of the Miami Marlins. The purpose of the Marlins Ayudan is to provide a sustainable corps of volunteers willing and ready to effectuate positive change in the South Florida community. It is the fabric of the Club's corporate culture and engages every front office employee with schools and charities throughout South Florida.

    The goal of Marlins Ayudan is to leave a lasting legacy through impactful service activities that tackle the community's most pressing needs. The three-tier Ayudan methodology consists of organizational service days, team events and individual volunteer opportunities.

    Since its inception in 2010, Marlins Ayudan has contributed over 21,000 hours of service and established partnerships and traditions of giving that inspire employees to pursue their passions and contribute their time and talents year-round.

    Marlins Ayudan School Partnership Program (MASPP)

    Through this initiative, we will directly impact the lives and education of the youth in Miami Dade County Public School. We will be guided by focused involvement with students, faculty and staff at eight partner schools, and be led by the following principles:

    • Work with partner schools in identifying areas of greater need
    • Develop a measurable game plan to address those needs
    • Implement the game plan by utilizing Marlins Ayudan teams' individual and collective strengths
    • Leave a lasting legacy at each partner school

    2013-2014 Marlins Ayudan Partner Schools:

    • Ben Sheppard Elementary
    • Bent Tree Elementary
    • Bunches Elementary
    • Citrus Grove Elementary
    • Citrus Grove Middle
    • Miami Edison Middle
    • Miami Senior High
    • Terra Environmental Research Institute

    Schools were selected by an application process

    MASPP Career Workshop Series

    The MASPP Career Workshop Series is a unique educational opportunity designed specifically for students of Miami Senior High School and Terra Environmental Research Institute. The goal of the program is to offer students a real-world glimpse at a variety of disciplines as they begin the path toward their career.

    The Marlins Foundation

    The Marlins Foundation supports the Charity Partners of the Miami Marlins through philanthropy and service. The Foundation is committed to improving the lives of our youth through education, the arts and baseball, with a special focus on children with special needs. The funds raised by the Foundation provide unique experiences for kids in our schools, parks and on the water. The Foundation Community Partnerships and outreach efforts demonstrate the Marlins' leadership in corporate responsibility and civic engagement. Since the opening of Marlins Park, the Marlins Foundation has given over $1.9 million to our South Florida community.

    Marlins Park Information

    Date of Project Completion: April 2012
    Months of Construction: 33 Months
    Architect: Populous
    Construction Manager: Hunt/Moss, A Joint Venture
    Ballpark Square Footage: 928,000 Square Feet
    Ballpark Type: Retractable Roof
    Playing Surface: Natural Grass
    Seating Capacity: 37,442
    Green Building: LEED Certified Gold Status
    Materials in Façade: Colored Glass, Stucco, Metal Panel and Glass Curtain Wall
    On-Site Parking: Four Garages and Six Surface Lots for a total capacity of approximately 5,700 spaces
    Number of Suites: 45 Total: (13 Founders Suites, 10 Legends Suites, 12 MVP Suites, 6 Fiesta Suites, 2 Championship Suites, and 2 Hall of Fame Suites)

    Marlins Think Tank

    Marlins Think Tank aims to enrich the learning experiences of children in grades 4 through 6 by linking baseball to the following curriculum areas:

    • Writing
    • Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Health & Fitness

    Marlins Think Tank provides lessons plans that meet Common Core State Standards as adopted by FDOE with the Miami Marlins as the lesson theme! Throughout the lesson, students will read and learn about baseball and Miami.

    Classrooms that use the Marlins Think Tank will even hear from some current Miami Marlins players through interactive videos!

    For high school students, Marlins Think Tank offers an exclusive Career Day section. Here students and teachers have access to video messages from Marlins front office staff in all departments. Videos address topics such as career paths, keys to success, dreams, goals and more.

    Marlins Think Tank is available for free to all teachers and classrooms. To access the Think Tank web portal, visit

    Marlins Think Tank Sweepstakes

    Every year, classrooms that take advantage of the Marlins Think Tank curriculum have the opportunity to meet a member of the Miami Marlins as part of a school visit!

    • Players
    • Coaches
    • Broadcast personalities

    To participate in the Marlins Think Tank Week Sweepstakes, fourth to sixth grade classrooms can submit their completed lesson plans. At the close of the contest, winners will be chosen from the completed lessons.

    During Marlins Think Tank Week, the entire Miami Marlins roster will visit the Tri-County area, listening to presentations from students, hearing what the students learned, and sharing their own personal experiences in education and what it means to them.

    Marlins Think Tank Week takes place every school year in May. Contest dates and deadlines will be posted at the beginning of the Spring semester. Check for official rules and dates.


    Guests can buy a variety of Marlins merchandise and memorabilia, including authentic jerseys, official caps and game-used collectible items, at the New Era and Majestic Team Stores:

    • The New Era Team Store - Located on the West Plaza on Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue) and is open year-round.
    • The Majestic Team Store - Behind home plate by Section 12 on the Promenade Level


    Merchandise is also sold at kiosks throughout Marlins Park and the West Plaza before and after games or events.

    Mobile Application

    The Marlins, in partnership with, are proud to offer two mobile apps:

    Military Appreciation

    See "South Florida Hero Appreciation"

  • N

    Non-Baseball Events

    A combination of history, modern design, technology and year-round availability makes Marlins Park the perfect venue to host private and corporate events of any size or style, including:

    • Banquet and awards dinners
    • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
    • Birthday and holiday parties
    • Concerts
    • Corporate events and conferences
    • Fundraisers and trade shows
    • Other sporting events (soccer, football and boxing)
    • Press conferences
    • Product launches
    • Public consumer shows
    • Weddings and receptions

    Marlins Park offers unique and functional spaces, while providing in-house catering service as well as an assortment of prescreened vendors. For more information, please visit, call (305) 480-1597 or e-mail

    Nursing Mothers

    Mothers in need of private accommodations while nursing are welcome to do so in any Family Restroom or First Aid Room.

  • O

    Operable Wall

    The left field operable wall is a feature unlike any other in Major League Baseball. Six (6) glass wall panels towering at 60 feet tall by 40 feet wide open to create a 240 feet view overlooking downtown Miami's spectacular skyline. Depending on weather conditions, the Operable Wall may open in conjunction with the Operable Roof or remain open when the roof is closed.

    Orange Bowl Tribute

    This commemorative artwork recalls the enormous MIAMI ORANGE BOWL sign from the stadium that stood on this site from 1937 until its demolition in 2008. The letters from the sign are reconstructed at their original ten-foot height and scattered throughout the east plaza of the Marlins Ballpark. Their positions capture an ambiguous moment between destruction and rebuilding: some letters stand vertically, others submerge themselves in the ground, and others lay horizontally as if at rest. As visitors move through the plaza, they create new alignments between the letters, spelling out different words as they glimpse the new stadium through fragments of the old. The sculpture display was created by Daniel Arsham as part of the Arts in Public Places Project of Miami-Dade County.

  • P


    Marlins Park provides our Guests with four (4) parking garages located on the north and south side of the ballpark and six (6) surface parking lots located on the east and west side of the ballpark totaling nearly 5,700 parking spaces. Fans can purchase their parking online at Advance purchase rates are $15.00 for Monday-Thursday games, and $20.00 for Friday-Sunday games, day of game cash and credit card parking will be sold based on availability with costs ranging from $15.00 to $25.00.

    Parking is available for fans with handicap/disabled plates and/or tags based on a first come basis.

    View Parking Map »

    Bus Parking

    • Surface Lot West 3: Located on the southwest corner of the ballpark: Enter through NW 4th Street and Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue). Parking is $50.00 per bus. To reserve a bus parking in advance, contact customer service at (305) 480-2525.
    • Cash and Credit Cards are accepted the day of game based on availability.


    Bicycle Parking


    Fuel Efficient Vehicle


    Parking Garage and Surface Lots

    • Home Plate Garage: Located on the northwest corner of the ballpark: Entry via NW 7th Street and NW 15th Avenue. Identified by BLUE banners and signs.
    • Third Base Garage: Located on the northeast corner of the ballpark: Entry via NW 7th Street and Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue) Identified by RED banners and signs.
    • First Base Garage: Located on the southwest corner of the ballpark: Entry via NW 3rd Street and NW 15th Avenue. Identified by YELLOW banners and signs.
    • Center Field Garage: Located on the southeast corner of the ballpark: Entry via NW 3rd Street and Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue) Identified by GREEN banners and signs.
    • Surface Lot East 1: Located on the northeast corner of the ballpark. Entry via NW 6th Street and Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue)
    • Surface Lot East 2: Located on the southeast corner of the ballpark: Entry via NW 5th Street and Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue)
    • Surface Lot East 3: Located on the southeast corner of the ballpark: Entry via Bobby Maduro Drive (NW 4th Street) and Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue.)
    • Surface Lot West 1: Located on the northwest corner of the ballpark. Entry via NW 6th Street and Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue)
    • Surface Lot West 2: Located on the southwest corner of the ballpark: Entry via NW 5th Street and Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue)
    • Surface Lot West 3: Located on the southwest corner of the ballpark: Entry via Bobby Maduro Drive (NW 4th Street.) and Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue)


    Picture Spot

    The Picture Spot is located on the Promenade Level at the top of Section 12/13. Guests will have the opportunity to take a picture of the spectacular view of downtown Miami through the operable wall above the outfield fence. In addition, this location provides Guests an opportunity for a digital photo keepsake of their own game day experience.

    Plaza Walkways

    The optical paving designs for the West Plaza are the vision of Venezuelan kinetic and op artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. Internationally recognized for his work in color investigations, light installations, street interventions and architectural integrations, this monumental plaza marks the largest, site specific public artwork created by the artist. Constantly changing according to the intensity of light and the distance between the work and the spectator, the design of the paving system is a tribute to Cruz-Diez' life long experiments in color theory, science and kinetics. Entitled Chromatic Induction in a Double Frequency, the paving designs are described by artist as "Chromatic Events in continuous transformation, which alter as pedestrians walk by and as the conditions of sunlight or artificial light vary."

    Premium Seating

    The following premium seating locations are available throughout Marlins Park.

    Field Level

    • Bacardi 1st and 3rd Base Dugout Clubs - located next to the 1st and 3rd base dugouts, Dugout Club seats put you close to the action and feature access to private and exclusive areas of the ballpark.
    • Diamond Club - Located on the Field Level directly behind home plate, is one of Miami's most exclusive premium entertainment experiences. These seats are ideal to entertain clients, friends and family, reward your employees, socialize with other Guest, or simply to enjoy the best seats in the house for each Marlins game.

    Lexus Legends Level

    • Hall of Fame Suites - These offer the best location in the ballpark for a shared suite setting. Hall of Fame members are seated in one of two 44-person suites on the 3rd base side, and receive complimentary food and beverage. The Hall of Fame Suites are dedicated to Hall of Famers Andrew Dawson and Tony Perez. Both suites provide great sightlines and offer access to the Lexus Legends Level.


    Prohibited Items

    See "Entry Guidelines and Notice"


    Promotions, giveaways, theme nights and ticket offers will be available for Guests throughout the 2014 season. For a full list of the scheduled promotions, Guests should visit Marlins Fan Headquarters, located at Section 20 on the Promenade Level, or go online to


    The official publications of the Miami Marlins are the best way for Marlins fans to follow their team. The Marlins Official Yearbook and Marlins Programs are great sources for feature stories about the team and color photos of all their favorite players, as well as information about the Club's beautiful home, Marlins Park. The Marlins Official Media Guide contains a wealth of information to satisfy even the most die-hard fan, from bios for Marlins' players, coaches and front office staff to in-depth statistics and team history information. The Club's official publications are available at Marlins Park.

    Public Transportation

    See "Transportation"

  • Q


    Marlins Park is divided into four (4) color- coded main quadrants blue, red, yellow and green. Each of these quadrants is associated with a main entrance; The Red quadrant corresponds to the 3rd base Entrance, Blue corresponds to Home Plate Entrance, Green corresponds to Center Field Entrance, and Yellow is for the 1st Base Entrance. These color quadrants are used as a helpful way finding device for Guests.

  • R

    Radio Broadcasts

    See "Television and Radio Broadcasts"

    50/50 Raffle

    The Marlins Foundation hosts the 50/50 Raffle at every home game. From the time the entrances open until the end of the 6th inning, Guests can purchase raffle tickets at one of the three (3) kiosks on the Promenade Level (Sections 3, 16, 26) or from a roaming seller. Half of the money goes to one lucky Guest and the remaining proceeds benefits the hosting non-profit organization. For more information and raffle rules, visit


    There are two vertical circulation ramps at Marlins Park, which can be used to travel from level to level or to exit the ballpark. The base of the north ramp is located at the 3rd Base Entrance and travels up to the Promenade Level in front of section 17. The 1st base helix ramp starts at the 1st Base Entrance and travels to the Promenade, Lexus Legends and Vista Levels.


    The Miami Marlins are committed to operating Marlins Park in a sustainable manner. Recycling receptacles are located throughout the ballpark. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we urge all guests to recycle when applicable.

    Rescheduled Events Policy

    In the event of a postponed or cancelled event, Guests will be advised to check, the local newspaper, media affiliates, or to call us at 1-877-MARLINS for further information.

    Restrooms/Family Restrooms

    Restrooms and wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on all levels of Marlins Park. Restrooms are available in the following locations:

    West Plaza

    • Men's & Women's Restroom: located on the West Plaza, adjacent to the Home Plate Entrance


    Promenade Level

    • Men's Restrooms: Sections 2, 10, 15, 22, 25, 36 and 39
    • Women's Restrooms: Sections 3, 7, 14, 21, 24, 35 and 40
    • Family Restroom: Sections 2, 7, 22 and 39


    Lexus Legends Level

    • Men's Restrooms: Sections 203, 209, 221 and 224
    • Women's Restrooms: Sections 201, 210, 221 and 224
    • Family Restrooms: Sections 201, 209 and 221


    Vista Level

    • Men's Restrooms: Sections 304, 309, 315 and 322
    • Women's Restrooms: Sections 303, 308, 313 and 320
    • Family Restrooms: Sections 302, 312 and 318


    Marlins Park is the sixth MLB Ballpark to have a retractable roof. The roof guarantees that all events start on time and that Guests have no rain delays, cancellations or sitting in the blistering sun, and humidity. The roof opens or closes in 13 to 15 minutes, based upon wind gusts. For updates on whether the Marlins Park roof will be open or closed on gameday, please follow the Marlins Park Twitter account @MarlinsPark.

    • The Structure - The roof is composed of three (3) operable panels, a center and two (2) lower panels. The lower panels sit on the east and west of the center panel, which sits 216 feet above 2nd base. Moving along two tracks up to 750 feet, spanning 548 feet, the roof at Marlins Park creates an opening that is wider than any NFL retractable roof stadium.
    • Mechanics - The roof is made up of 19 million pounds of steel, and moves at a torrid speed of 39 feet per minute. Similar to the mechanics of a locomotive train, the roof sits on 44 transporters with 88 wheels that are attached to the tracks. The roof was designed by Walter P. Moore and Associates, with Uni-systems designing the mechanical systems.
    • Energy Efficient - As a LEED Gold Certified building, the energy efficiency of the retractable roof is essential. The regenerative drive systems reduce the power consumption during the braking at times when the moving panel is being pushed by the wind. It costs at most $10 in electricity to open or close the roof.


  • S

    Safe in the Seat I.D. Wristbands

    Children 12 years of age and under may receive a Marlins "Safe in the Seat" identification wristband featuring a space to write in the child's name and seat location. The "Safe in the Seat" wristbands are available at the 3rd Base Entrances, the Home Plate Entrance and the Guest Services Centers located on the Promenade Level at Section 15 and Vista Level at Section 318.

    Safety Warning

    During all pre-game warm-ups and the course of the game experience, hard hit baseballs and bats and fragments thereof may be thrown or hit into the stands, concourses and concessions areas. For the safety of every Guest, all Guests must stay alert and be aware of their surroundings. Guests who are concerned with their seat location should contact any Guest Services Team Member for an alternate seat location.

    The Marlins urge Guests to use caution when moving around the Ballpark and while walking up and down the aisles and through the seating areas. Please do not lean on, reach over, sit on or stand near railings.

    Scoreboard Messages

    See "Celebration Club"

    Sections and Seat Numbers

    Seating sections begin with one on the Promenade Level, 201 on the Lexus Legends Level, and 302 on the Vista Level, starting from the right field foul pole and proceeding clockwise around Marlins Park. Seats at Marlins Park are numbered so that lower numbers are on the right-hand side of the row and higher numbers are on the left-hand side of the row (as you look toward the field). Seating row 1 is at the same height for each level of the ballpark. Any seating rows prior to row 1 are marked by letters. Number of rows in each section will vary.


    The Marlins want to ensure that Guests have a safe and enjoyable experience at Marlins Park. Security personnel and uniformed Miami-Dade police officers are positioned throughout Marlins Park. Guests requiring assistance should contact the nearest security personnel, uniformed police officer, or a Guest Services Team Member. Guests may confidentially text Security and Guest Services by texting the word FISH (Space), the issue and location to 69050 (standard message rates apply), and a Marlins Park Team Member will respond accordingly.

    Silent Auction

    On select home games the Marlins Foundation hosts a silent auction featuring autographed memorabilia from their favorite Marlins players. From the time the gates open until the end of the 3rd inning, silent auctions are located on the Promenade Level Section 16. Proceeds benefit the Marlins Charity Partners.

    Smoking Policy

    Smoking is prohibited in Marlins Park. In consideration of all Guests, the Marlins ask for your cooperation. There are no designated smoking areas inside Marlins Park and exiting and re-entry is prohibited for this purpose. Smoking will be limited to the East and West Plazas.

    South Florida Hero Appreciation

    The Marlins are proud to pay tribute to local first responders and members of the United States military in particular, to the United States Special Operations Command, a highly trained and rapidly deployable unit of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Forces personnel that supports worldwide special operations. (For a list of the South Florida Heroes Appreciation Days and all other theme nights, go to For every Monday regular season home game (including opening night) local first responders as well as their spouses and children will be eligible for complimentary tickets in predetermined seating areas by presenting a military or equivalent I.D. at Marlins Park East Ticket Office beginning two hours prior to the scheduled first pitch on the day of game.

    Special Transportation Service (STS)

    Miami-Dade Paratransit Operations will use the designated drop off and pick up location at Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue) and Felo Ramirez Drive (NW 6th Street). Visit for further details and information.

    Spring Training

    The Marlins Spring Training facility is Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. For complete Spring Training schedule and ticket information, call (561) 775-1818 or go to The Marlins share their Spring Training complex with the St. Louis Cardinals.


    Strollers are not permitted inside Marlins Park with the exception of private suites and clubs. Strollers may be checked at the Home Plate or 3rd Base Entrances prior to entering the ballpark.


    Founders and Lexus Legends Suites are located directly behind home plate. These exclusive suites offer upscale contemporary furnishings, exquisite quality food and beverage options, and unrivaled personalized service. There are 13 Founders Suites on the Founders Level and 10 Lexus Legends Suites immediately above them on the Lexus Legends Level.

    There are 12 MVP Suites located on the Lexus Legends Level, with seven located on the first base line and five on the third base line.

    For additional Suite information, please contact the Premium Suites Sales Department at (305) 480-2522.

  • T


    Tablets and mobile devices are allowed in Marlins Park. Marlins Park is proud to offer free Wifi to all Guests. Please see "Wifi". Laptop computers are not permitted.

    Taste of Miami

    The Miami Marlins and Levy Restaurants, its exclusive food service and catering partner, are pleased to highlight four local restaurants in the left field area of the Promenade Level. The Latin American Grill, Don Camaron, Papo Llega y Pon and Panna Cafe Express have partnered with the Marlins and Levy Restaurants to feature the four restaurants' signature food offerings that help capture the essence of the culinary flair of South Florida. All four restaurants have their own concession stands in the Taste of Miami corridor at Section 28.

    Taxi Stand

    The Marlins Park Taxi Stand is located outside of 1st Base Entrance on Marlins Way (NW 16th Avenue) between NW 5th Street and NW 6th Street.

    Television and Radio Broadcasts

    FOX Sports Florida begins its 16th year as the exclusive cable TV home of the Marlins with announcers Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton providing all the action and analysis, and sportscasters Craig Minervini and "Mr. Marlin," Jeff Conine, as hosts of the pregame show, Marlins Live. FOX Sports Florida will air 150 regular season games; all in High Definition. Raul Striker, Jr. will be back for his 8th season providing SAP Spanish-language coverage for all Marlins televised home games. Check local listings.

    The Marlins Radio Network makes it easy for you to catch a game. Our flagship station 940WINZ will carry all 162 regular season games throughout the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. You can also catch all the action in West Palm Beach WEFL 760 AM, Key West WKWF 1600 AM, Marathon WFFG 1300 AM, Stuart WSTU 1450 AM, Naples/Ft. Myers WWCN 770 AM, Belle Glade WSWN 900 AM, and Daytona Beach WELE 1380 AM. Marlins radio broadcasts are also available in Spanish on WAQI 710 AM in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale metro area.

    Ticket Office

    The Marlins Park North Ticket Office is located on Felo Ramirez Drive ( NW 6th Street). Tickets may be purchased at the Marlins Park Box Office* Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To purchase individual game tickets online or by phone, please visit or call (305) 480-2521.


    All seat locations are subject to availability. Tickets may not be used by the ticket holder/licensee or anyone else other than the Marlins for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes, including, without limitation, contests, auctions, sweepstakes and giveaways. Time, opponent, date and team rosters and lineups, including the Marlins roster and lineup, are subject to change. For more information, please visit

    • Advance Tickets - Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets well in advance of game-day, at the Marlins Park North Ticket Office, by phone, online and during any game day at the Ticket Office Windows or Kiosks located around Marlins Park.
    • Season Ticket Plans - The Miami Marlins offer Full Season, 41 Game Weekend, 40 Game Business, 28-Game, Weekend, and 15- Game Saturday and 15-Game Sunday Ticket Plans, all of which include a fantastic roster of benefits. Please contact the Ticket Sales Department by visiting, calling (305)480-2521 or emailing strong> for more information.
    • Group tickets - Groups of 20 or more receive preferred group seating, special group discounts, and scoreboard recognition. Single game event suites and other hospitality venues are also available for rental, and group leaders receive special rewards. Please contact the Ticket Sales Department at (305) 480-2523 or for more details about organizing a group outing.


    Guests can now experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the new, state-of-the-art Marlins Park.


    • Ballpark tours cost $10 per person
    • Tours operate Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., except when the Marlins play at home or when other major events are scheduled at Marlins Park.
    • Group tours, available for groups of 25 people and up, are available by appointment by contacting
    • For more information, please call 1-877-MARLINS or e-mail
    • All sites on the tours are subject to availability. The Marlins reserve the right to cancel all or part of a tour.
    • All tickets can be purchased at the New Era Team Store (located at the West Plaza of Marlins Park, 501 NW 16 Ave, Miami) and are for the time and date specified. Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

    Learn More


    Mass Transit Information

    When coming to Marlins Park using mass transit, there are a number of options available to Guests:

    Bus - Miami-Dade Transit offers bus transportation to and from Marlins Park.

    • #6 Bus / Stop - W Flagler Street and NW 22nd Avenue
    • #7 Bus / Stop - Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue) and NW 7th Street
    • #11 Bus / Stop - NW 15th Avenue and West Flagler Street
    • #12 Bus / Stop - NW 12th Avenue and NW 3rd Street
    • #17 Bus / Stop - NW 17th Avenue and NW 3rd Street
    • #21 Bus / Stop - NW 22nd Avenue and W Flagler Street
    • #51 Bus / Stop - NW 27th Avenue and W Flagler Street

    Visit for further detail on routes and schedules.

    Train - Both the Tri Rail and Metrorail Systems are available to Guests attending events at Marlins Park. The closest train stations to the Ballpark are the Civic Center Station located at 1501 NW 12th Avenue and Culmer Station, which is located at 701 NW 11th Street.

    Miami Dade Transit Shuttle - For all baseball games and other select events, Miami Dade County provides an express shuttle service to and from Culmer Station.

    Trolley - The City of Miami's Trolley to Marlins Park has a convenient pick up location, outside the Civic Center Train Station and drops off and picks up passengers at Marlins Park on the corner of Orange Bowl Way (NW 14th Avenue) and Felo Ramirez Drive (NW 6th Street).

    Please visit the websites below for further information when using mass transit to visit Marlins Park.

  • U


    All umbrellas are allowed in Marlins Park.


    Guests hoping to upgrade or change their seat location may inquire with the Ticket Office staff at Guest Services Centers inside Marlins Park until two hours after the scheduled start time. In the event that an upgrade is available and the new ticket(s) value is greater than the original ticket(s) being presented for upgrade, the difference in price may be paid by cash or credit card.

  • V

    Video Boards

    The Marlins Vision main video board display at Marlins Park is a state-of-the-art screen. It boasts 1080 lines of resolution and 4.4 trillion shades of color. The video board uses the latest Daktronics HD-16 technology with lines of LED pixels on 16.5 mm spacing. In addition, a second board display is located in the left field corner of the seating bowl and a third HD board display is located in the West Plaza to provide entertainment and contribute to the interactive environment of the West Plaza before and after games.

    Video Cameras

    See "Cameras and Video Equipment"

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    The official Miami Marlins website provides the latest Marlins and player information and can be found at The Miami Marlins are also on Facebook at Follow the Marlins on Twitter at, the official twitter of the Miami Marlins. The official Miami Marlins Spanish website is, Spanish Facebook is and Twitter is

    West Plaza

    The West Plaza is an area on the exterior of Marlins Park that is open 365 days a year and will allow fans a place to enjoy pre and post-game activities, as well as access to retail shops and the Team Store year round. The West Plaza also features a 20'/x40' video board to broadcast upcoming events, and other messages. The West Plaza represents an area comparable to the size of 3 1/2 football fields and has the opportunity to be shaded when the roof is open.

    Wifi Access

    Marlins Park is proud to offer free Wifi access to all Guest. Marlins Park is also equipped with cellular application services to strengthen your mobile carriers signal inside the ballpark.

    What did we miss?

    As a way to stay current and provide fans with the best Ballpark amenities and features possible, we welcome your feedback, questions, suggestions and recommended improvements by submitting them to one of the Guest Services Centers, or by e-mailing

    Wheelchair Accessible Seating

    See "Accessible Seating and Services"

    Will Call

    Tickets ordered through the Marlins website or phone may be picked up at the North Ticket Office or ticket kiosk around the perimeter of Marlins Park. VIP, Players, umpires and scouts tickets can be picked up at Window 1 at the North Ticket Office. Tickets ordered or reserved by a member of the Marlins Front Office must be picked up at Windows 2-3 at the North Ticket Office. A valid ID that matches the Will Call name is required to receive tickets. Tickets picked up at Ticket Kiosks require the Credit Card used to originally purchase the tickets.

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