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Pitch Hit & Run

Fact Sheet

Major League Baseball Pitch Hit & Run (PHR) is a FREE, 1-day event for boys and girls ages 7-14* that is simple to host. PHR is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball and can be hosted by any organization, league, civic group or set of volunteers in the community. An administrative kit is provided and the competition is free of charge for participants and hosts.

Participants compete in either the Baseball Division or Softball Division and have the opportunity to advance through four levels of competition including Locals, Sectionals, Team Championships and the National Finals at the MLB All-Star Game. Providing this great opportunity for your community is as easy as:

• Sign up to host a local competition -- Upon submitting an online registration with a date, time and location for your competition, you will receive a FREE administrative kit with materials necessary to host the competition. The kit includes a handbook, “Strike Zone” banner, registration forms, awards, participation cards, etc.

• After completing your competition - Award participants, provide Sectional competition information to your winners, submit results online and mail all completed registration forms.

  • Local Competition - Early 2016-Early/Mid May
    • All-Around, Pitching, Hitting and Running Champions advance from EACH division age group.
    • Sectional Competition - Mid May-Early June**
      • Each Sectional is part of an MLB team’s geographic market.
      • All-Around Champions in each division age group are ELIGIBLE to advance.
      • The top 3 scores in each division age group among the Sectional All Around Champions within each MLB geographic market will advance to the Team Championships.***
    • MLB Team Championship - June (weekends)
      • Held in all 30 Major League Ballparks.
      • Participants must place first in their age group to be ELIGIBLE to advance. The top 3 scores in each division age group out of all 30 MLB Team Championships will advance to the National Finals.***
    • National Finals - MLB All-Star Week
      • National Finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip to the All-Star Game. Finalists will participate in an array of festivities upon arrival, including a PHR Welcome Reception, MLB Brunch and All-Star FanFest. Finalists will compete on-field prior to shagging fly balls during the Home Run Derby and attending the All-Star Game!

PRIZES/AWARDS: At each level of competition competitors will receive an item for their participation. Prizes at different levels of competition include certificates, medals, trophies and other awards. National Finalists receive a trip to the All-Star Game.

* Competitors compete in four age groups: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14. Age is determined as of July 17, 2016.
** Weather permitting, specific dates within your market will be available upon determination of each Team Championship date.
*** Advancement notified by PHR Headquarters. All-Around Champions at the Sectional and Team Championship do NOT automatically advance.