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06/16/10 7:17 PM ET

Tigers hurler Galarraga chats with fans

Armando Galarraga: Armando has joined us. Hello and hola to everybody!

Thanatos: Do you think Bud Selig should have overturned that call and given you a perfect game?

Armando Galarraga: No, I respect the Commissioner's decision. Errors are part of the game. Maybe this play can change, but that's what makes the game interesting.

Thanatos: Any practical jokes in the Tigers clubhouse?

Armando Galarraga: The players joke around a lot more with me and call me a "superstar."

jdtcmb: Do you have a nickname that a lot of the Tigers call you by?

Armando Galarraga: They call me "Gala."

sabretiger: Where did you learn how to do card tricks?

Armando Galarraga: I learned at the age of 14. A few friends taught me. I also bought a book in Venezuela. I practice often, and show my teammates.

traceyhuff: Hello, Armando. Who are your best friends on the Tigers?

Armando_Galarraga: Miguel is a good friend of mine.

nydiaramos: You're on the national news all the time! How have you felt with the support of Latinos en these days?

Armando_Galarraga: The support was incredible. It shows the education and manners of Latin American fans.

Thanatos: How does it make you feel to know that little league coaches everywhere are holding you up as an example of good sportsmanship?

Armando Galarraga: It feels really good. It feels like a dream come true. At the same time, as a Major Leaguer it is important to set a good example to kids and show that no matter what, you are a professional.

detroitem: How old were you when you first started playing baseball?

Armando Galarraga: 8 years old.

canyonblue: What is your favorite U.S. city?

Armando Galarraga: Besides Detroit, Austin TX and Chicago IL.

mmeetts101: What do you do to calm yourself after you give up a home run?

Armando Galarraga: I take it pitch-by-pitch. I put the previous pitch behind me and think about the next one to remain calm.

chubbyg: What did you say when you gave Jim Joyce the lineup card the day after your perfect game?

Armando Galarraga: We didn't say anything. We looked into each other's eyes and knew we had moved forward. We're both professionals.

tigstsc1: What has been the most exciting thing you have experienced since your perfect game?

Armando Galarraga: Besides receving my Corvette, I enjoyed picking the colors and the features.

TigerFan85: What are some personal goals you have set for the season as far as your pitching performance?

Armando Galarraga: I would like to have the same or better season than 2008, and stay healthy.

guardwhale: What's your favorite fast food place to eat?

Armando Galarraga: Sonic!

traceyk: My son is a 13-year-old, and he loves to pitch, catch and play third. Do you think it's a good idea to diversify? What do you recommend that I do, as a mom, to encourage him?

Armando Galarraga: It's good for your son to practice several postions. It will be good for his future career. I was a shortstop as a teenager, and I became a pitcher because I was so tall.

simath: How would you pitch to Miguel Cabrera?

Armando Galarraga: I struck him out twice in Venezuela.

jakegrego: Armando...you are an awesome example to all teenage players. Your sportsmanship is amazing.

Armando Galarraga: Thank you, that's really nice, and I appreciate it.

msuclaire: What do you think of the Detroit fans?

Armando Galarraga: They are the best fans. The way they come to the stands and the support they gave me was unbelievable

vtvnza: Armando, what do you most enjoy about being a Major League pitcher?

Armando_Galarraga: It's a dream come true. It's my dream since I was 12 years old.

dewman2722: Hey, Armando, how nervous were you going into the 9th inning of your near-perfect game?

Armando Galarraga: I was pretty nervous. There were a lot of feelings, I was nervous, excited, hyper... I had too many feelings at one moment to describe.

crandrus: What was the reaction in your native Venezuela?

Armando Galarraga: A lot of people were a little frustrated. After, they saw the interviews and they understood nobody is perfect, and that errors are part of the game.

gabobrisso: Armando, first I want to congratulate you for that performance and while it wasn't to be due to human error, everything happens for a reason. Your attitude was quite admirable in that situation, it set a great example.

Armando_Galarraga: Thanks. Sometimes you win through losing.

hewartson: You are likely to pitch and bat in a National League ballpark next week. Do you have home run power?

Armando Galarraga: Yes, I'm going to use Miguel's bats, batting gloves and see what happens.

jacob99: How hard has it been to deal with all the attention?

Armando Galarraga: Not really. I'm not really a superstar. This is really exciting for me.

claudyk: Armando I'm a Detroit Tigers fan but just like Miguel I'm a fan of the Aragua Tigers. What's your favorite team in Venezuela?

Armando_Galarraga: Leones de Caracas, that's the team I pitch for in Venezuela.

mattc1983: Is Jim Leyland as much of a players' manager as he is made out to be?

Armando Galarraga: Sure, last year I was struggling. He would still give the opportunity to pitch and encourage me to keep going. I appreciate the support the organization has given me and the confidence they have shown in me.

rachel2010: What does Laird/Avila say to you when they come out to the mound?

Armando Galarraga: Avila was happy and supportive. He knew we had a perfect game. To be perfect, the whole team needs to work together, especially the pitcher and the catcher.

mattc1983: How do you keep the right mentality to come back and pitch like you have, after being sent to triple A?

Armando Galarraga: It made me stronger. It made me push myself to come back and pitch for the big leagues. Sometimes we need to be sent back to push forward.

motorguy44: Hi, Armando. When I see footage of games you pitch, I notice how your fastball runs in on the RH hitters. It really has a tail on it. I'm assuming you throw mainly a two-seamer. Do you throw the four-seamer or a cut fastball, as well?

Armando Galarraga: I believe so. In that moment everybody got together and pushed forward. It brought the team together.

Armando Galarraga: I want to thank everybody. I really appreciate all of the support. It means a lot to me. It's made it a great experience in my career.

Armando_Galarraga: Thanks to everyone for their support, I really appreciate it because it's been a nice experience in my career.

nydiaramos: Hola, Aramando! Te admiro mucho. I'd like to know what music you like to listen to before games to get you pumped up. Hitters have walk-up songs. What would be your walk-up song?

Armando Galarraga: I like to listen to techno to get excited. When I go to the mound, the song played is Stevie Stanek's. He is my brother-in-law.

eighthwonder: Who is the most famous person who personally contacted you about the amazing game you pitched against Cleveland? And what did he or she say?

Armando Galarraga: The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez.

Armando Galarraga: And also Governor Granholm of Michigan proclaimed it a perfect a game.

lane14_2: Is there any batter you hate pitching to?

Armando Galarraga: Joe Mauer and Vladimir Guerrero are both very tough.

claudyk: In Venezuela we're still surprised and a little upset with the umpire's super error. What has your family told you?

Armando_Galarraga: My mom and dad said they were proud of me. It doesn't matter what the umpire said, they know I pitched a perfect game.

detroitem: Is there anything you do before a game for good luck?

Armando Galarraga: In past years I would, but not any more. I used to do the same thing after a winning game, but that can drive you crazy.

jjk5127: Which teammate asked for a ride in your new Corvette first?

Armando Galarraga: Everybody. I don't remember. The same day, they all asked for a ride.

airborn34: Do you have any advice for young players?

Armando Galarraga: Be consistent, no matter what. Keep your head up, and keep working hard.

Armando Galarraga: Again, I want to thank everyone for their questions and the ongoing support. I look forward to seeing you at the ballpark.

Armando_Galarraga: Thanks to everyone. I hope to see you soon at the stadium.

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