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04/26/11 5:46 PM ET

Tigers veteran Brandon Inge chats with fans

Brandon_Inge: Hello everyone... I'm here and ready to answer your questions.

repose: Hi, Brandon. Do you ask the ground crew to do anything special around 3rd base?

Brandon_Inge: I have a close relationship with Heather Nabozny, our grounds keeper and she makes sure the ground is soft so that there are no bad hops. I also would like to say I believe we have the best field in the big leagues.

scottvcu: Brandon, big fan from back in Virginia. Knowing that you went to VCU, how much were you able to watch the Final Four run and did you feel any extra pride surrounding your alma mater after that magical run?

Brandon_Inge: I watched a little. I've always been a fans of underdog teams, which they were. Made me proud that it was an alma mater that was playing so well.

slikie2: Brandon, my family and I are from Grand Rapids, MI and so we have enjoyed watching you since you were a Whitecap! We are thrilled you've had such a great career with our other favorite team the Tigers! What do you remember about being a Whitecap?

Brandon_Inge: I remember it was the first place where there was a bigger crowd, and it felt like you were playing in a big league stadium. The whole experience there was great.

frumple: What do your tattoos say?

Brandon_Inge: My right arm says "Tyler", and the left arm says "Chase."

gobrandon: What do you do on your off days?

Brandon_Inge: Spend time with the family and play with my kids.

tjtigers14: In 2006, it seemed like the team had great chemistry. How do you feel about the team chemistry this year?

Brandon_Inge: It's as close to 2006's chemistry, as any year.

Matt9090: What was your favorite Detroit Tigers moment?

Brandon_Inge: I have a few... first game ever in the big leagues - Opening Day 2001 vs. Minnesota... my first home run was at Comerica Park against Minnesota and Brad Radke. And the walk-off Magglio hit in 2006 was special.

gaerdog: Do you root for the Detroit Lions - or who is your favorite football team?

Brandon_Inge: Yes, I do root for the Lions and they are my favorite. I have a few friends on the team, so I follow them.

tigerfrind: Does the number 15 you wear have a special meaning?

Brandon_Inge: I had 12, and it didn't bring me too much luck so I switched to 15.

LolichFan: You are, in my opinion, the best defensive third baseman in the game. What do you consider to be the toughest play at the "hot corner?"

Brandon_Inge: The hard hit ball that's a in-between hop. Your at the mercy of the ball and you have to throw your face and body in front of it and hope that it stays in front of you.

JDfan4Ever: How come you are the only Tiger that wears the good 'ol fashion baseball socks / pants. Thanks for being traditional. Georgi

Brandon_Inge: I do it out of respect for the players that played before me.

WTKCHCFPF_2: Brandon, what's the greatest defensive play you've ever made?

Brandon_Inge: It was diving completely over the fence in Seattle and landing on the concrete walkway. The fans in Seattle were not quite as receptive and helpful to me as they are here at Comerica Park.

TheFife: You are one of the Tiger fans favorites because of your personality and loyalty - have you ever considered what it would take to manage in the Tigers system?

Brandon_Inge: I have a great deal of loyalty to this organization and I always will. I will always be open minded to any opportunities to stay in the game post playing career.

kells15: You give so much back to the community (Thank You!) Do you consider yourself a role model for the younger players in that regard?

Brandon_Inge: I appreciate the thought of being considered a role model. But I honestly do it because I care about people and how it may help in the long run.

dnice13: Have you been to any concerts lately? What bands?

Brandon_Inge: The last concert I went to was at the Fox Theater and I saw Tool.

maggsismyman: How are you feeling as a player this season? Better/worse than last? Are you doing anything different to improve your stats? --Briana (probably your biggest fan)

Brandon_Inge: Finally feeling better. I'm working on trying to improve my entire game.

1butcher11: Brandon, when you are in the field, what hitter scares you the most?

Brandon_Inge: I don't get scared of any of them, but since you asked, the guys that hit the ball the "hardest" towards third base are Tori Hunter and use-to-be Manny Ramirez.

dnice13: Would you consider changing your at-bat music back to Skee-Lo "I wish?"

Brandon_Inge: It has crossed my mind a few times.

dnice13: Which is your favorite golf course in Michigan? Everywere else? Do you golf with any team mates?

Brandon_Inge: There's a bunch I like in Michigan. I golf with Porcello.

tigerfrind: If any, what kind of music do you listen to before a game?

Brandon_Inge: I listen to a wide range of music varying from country to hip-hop to hard rock.

LolichFan: Brandon, what was your most satisfying victory as a Tiger, and what was your most disappointing defeat?

Brandon_Inge: The final win over the Yankees in the ALCS in '06 and the 2009 loss at Minnesota at the end of year.

mitwinsmom: You have a lot of young guys on the team right now. A lot of people are comparing Will Rhymes to you when you were younger. Do you see the similarities and how do you feel about the comparisons?

Brandon_Inge: I love the way Will Rhymes plays the game. To be compared to him, is an honor, because I think he plays the game the right way.

WTKCHCFPF_2: Which requires more skill and ability, hitting a golf ball 300 yards down the middle of the fairway or hitting a baseball 400 feet?

Brandon_Inge: A baseball 400 feet.

gobrandon: Do either of your boys seem interested in baseball? How old were you when you first started playing? You're a great third baseman.

Brandon_Inge: 3:37 pm They both love baseball and are playing. I was four when I started playing. And thanks.

intellabs: During a game, is there much commenting between the batter and catcher from the opposing team? Can you give me a humorous account of this type of interaction between yourself and the opposing catcher?

Brandon_Inge: A lot of times I will use the catcher to relay a message to the umpire. Just the other day, I said to AJ Pierzynski on a pitch that was called a strike that I thought was a ball, "Do you think he blinked as the ball was coming across the plate?" Then I said, "You know, he can call time anytime he wants to..."

indigo39: What is your favorite food?

Brandon_Inge: I like pulled pork barbecue.

Ridge: My 8 year old son plays on a travel baseball team. What would be the one or two most important pieces of advice you would offer him regarding learning to be a good hitter? Thanks!

Brandon_Inge: Travel teams play a lot of games. It's important to remember that the game is supposed to fun and to enjoy it. You always hit better when you're having fun.

koz29: Why do you go by 'Brandon' instead of 'Charles?'

Brandon_Inge: It's a family tradtion that we use our middle names.

curioust: Brandon, wondering if you set any personal goals for yourself at the start of a new season?

Brandon_Inge: To be consistent in pitching, hitting and defense.

creeha: Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

Brandon_Inge: I put my uniform on in the same order every game.

Brandon_Inge: Thanks to all of you guys for writing in a question! I had a blast and hope to see you all at the park soon!

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