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03/01/12 5:34 PM EST

Tigers VP of Marketing hosts chat

The Tigers Vice President of Marketing, Ellen Hill Zeringue chats with Detroit fans about the upcoming season.

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us today. And let's get started!

coachk3011: What's your favorite promotional giveaway item on this season's calendar?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: I might be biased, but we believe they are all great. We're very excited to continue our "Every Kid, Every Sunday" giveaway.

willmcd: Is there a Detroit Tigers mobile app in the works?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: MLB At Bat 2012 is the go-to app for Tigers fans.

nblaszczyk: As a female in sports marketing, what has been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: The biggest challenge probably has been getting respect in a male-dominated profession.

mlbdotcom5_2: Can you share any branding or marketing initiatives for 2012?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: Our major initiative will be the return of the "Who's Your Tiger" campaign which is incredibly popular amongst Tigers fans. And we're fortunate to have a great team of players to choose from. We will continue to explore ways to further activate, from a social perspective. Look for more player-related and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

jklumpp: Ellen what was your first position with the Tigers?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: In 2000, I joined the Tigers as Marketing Manager.

matthewh10: Ellen, I am currently working for a minor league team in Michigan. How would I go about making a career working for a Major League organization such as the Detroit Tigers?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: I think it's great that you are working in the minor leagues. Our current Director of Marketing Ron Wade worked with the St. Paul Saints in the Independent League. It provided him a wealth of hands-on experience in a variety of capacities. I would suggest your next step to try and secure an internship with a MLB Club.

mlb_fan20531: How does the signing of Prince Fielder affect the Tigers marketing strategy?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: It has had a tremendous, positive impact on our marketing efforts. Prince is another great asset and complements the wonderful group of current players. It's exciting to be able market a player of his caliber who has a unique connection to the Metro-Detroit community.

youravonguy: I know on Sunday's it's always Kids Day. Will there be a Sunday where adults get a little trinket of some kind like the Friday and Saturday night games do?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: We have tried to develop a balanced promotional schedule where there is something for fans of all ages.

nblaszczyk: If you could pick a favorite Tigers memory since you started working there, what would it be?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: I have a lot of great memories. Most of all, for me it's been the opportunity to engage with fans and families on game-days, during caravan and our special events. Opening Day is always amazing, Magglio's homer in '06, and last season's playoff run.

pcs4vets: Is there still time for new giveaways?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: The 2012 promotional calendar is set, however should something exciting, unique or record-setting take place, we will certainly consider adding an additional item or items.

mdoyle19: How does the changing social media environment influence your marketing and promotional strategy?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: We have to be much more aggressive and in a position to respond to issues that occur organically. We have to act fast with Social Media.

tkthunder: Do you have any promotional nights or discounts for college students?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: Back by popular demand, College Night will be back! At select games, college students who show their ID receive a discount on select seats and a promo item.

coachk3011: If I want to sing the National Anthem prior to a Tigers game, what do I have to do to make this happen?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: You can contact our promotions department at jared.karner@detroittigers.com.

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: I did want to remind everyone that individual game tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (That's a marketing plug!)

pcs4vets: Any Veterans promotions this year?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: On the Fourth of July we will honor Veterans and we will also host a special Independence Day post-game Fireworks Show. As you may be aware, Justin Verlander's Victory for Veterans program will be in its second season. Justin hosts Veterans in his private suite on days he starts home games. I would also add that our Community Affairs department works tirelessly to develop programs for active and Veterans of the armed forces.

nblaszczyk: Have you always been a Tigers fan? If so, what was your favorite Tigers giveaway you received as a child?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: As a Detroit native, I grew up with a passion for all our hometown teams.

rockymc: What can I do to land a Marketing Internship with the Tigers?? Unfortunately, in today's business environment, it's not what you can do, but who you know. I know I can out-work, and out-perform any of the other candidates. I am willing to prove what I can.

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: I applaud your enthusiasm. The truth is, there is a limited number internship opportunities. Sometimes you have to start outside of professional sports, maybe working at a linking industry.

rockymc: Nothing can compare to the Magglio Ordonez hat day with the hair coming out the back! What we need is a Prince Fielder beard day!

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: Magglio's hat giveaway was one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for the suggestion, we will look into it right after this chat.

mlbdotcom5_2: Do you feel the same ups and downs as the fans? Is there a different approach to marketing based on the team's success?

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: The ups and downs is the challenging part of working in the sports industry. You have to stay even keel. We have to stay focused. (Don't get me wrong, we hate to lose). We have the fortune to be able to focus more on the branding of the team when it's successful. You might take some more creative risks when the team is successful.

Ellen_Hill_Zeringue: I want to thank everyone for their participation. Stay tuned, and be on the lookout for our new and exciting TV spots that are coming out real soon. See you at the ballpark!

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