I'm about four months past surgery to repair my torn hamstring and rehab has gone a lot better than expected. I think at this point, we're ahead of plan. It's not really about beating the calendar or the clock, though. It's about taking it day by day and making sure I keep making progress.

The injury occurred during a Spring Training game in March when I was chasing a ball that had been driven to right-center field. It was hit pretty deep, but I had a good jump on it. I was running to my left in a dead sprint, going as fast as I can go, but as I stepped on the warning track, the ground gave a little. The dirt, it turned out, was a little soft. When the dirt gave way, my leg extended too far and the hamstring got torn.

I turned to my left, fell on my side and sat against the wall. When I got up, something felt a little weird. I tried to take a few steps and realized my leg wasn't reacting like it should. From there, I got an MRI and it showed that two of the three tendons that connect to the pelvic bone were torn.

I missed a lot of time to injury last season, too, but heading into Spring Training this year I was 100 percent. Up until the injury, I had never felt better on the field. I was ready for this season to start. I was mentally and physically prepared, and I liked the way that I was hitting the ball, the way that ball was jumping off the bat, and the way my arm felt. Everything felt great and I was really prepared.

The injury was a dagger to the heart. I was in the best shape of my career when it happened.

But that's a long time ago now. At this point, I'm running on the treadmill and throwing. We'll build from there.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I go to a local orthopedic clinic and work out for several hours. In between, I get my stretching and my leg exercises in at Dodger Stadium. I use the treadmill and the bike to get my cardio in. I also lift weights here quite a bit. Obviously I can't go overboard and risk a setback.

For me, it's very important to be around the team during the rehab process. It helps my spirits. Of course it's hard to sit back and watch all of the time and not be able to participate, but cheering them on is still better than not being around.

Jason Repko has been out all season due to his torn hamstring. Selected by the Dodgers in the first-round (37th overall) in the 1999 First-Year Player Draft, Repko has played in 198 career games with Los Angeles and has a .232 career average with 11 homers and 46 RBIs over 406 at-bats.