• After chopping off his hair and trying out a new sock routine, Evan Longoria finally dropped his batting gloves in the latest move to coax some magic from his bat (St. Petersburg Times). Looks like this one is a keeper: A gloveless Longoria busted out of his slump in a big way, going 4-for-6 with two homers and five RBIs on Friday. (MLB.com)

• Jimmy Rollins grabbed an aluminum bat, shut down Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Parkway and teed off in an attempt to surpass Babe Ruth's epic Guinness world record home run measurement of 575 feet (YouTube). "When they came up with an idea to see how far a batted ball could go, I said, 'I'm with it,'" said the Phillies shortstop. "We really get to see how advanced science and technology are. It'll be a breakthrough for science; a breakthrough period just to know how far a ball can travel when you take all restrictions off." (ESPN.com)

• In last weekend's action, Joey Votto crushed his 100th career home run (MLB.com), and Clayton Kershaw brought his Major League-leading strikeout total to 128 in an 11-strikeout complete game (MLB.com). Tony Gwynn Jr. (MLB.com) and Derrek Lee (MLB.com) walked off, and Justin Verlander punched out 14 to tie CC Sabathia, Jair Jurrjens and Roy Halladay for most wins with 10. (MLB.com).

• Avid outdoorsman Chipper Jones is giving TV viewers an up-close-and-personal look behind the bow-hunting stand on his new Sportsman Channel show, "Major League Bowhunter." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

• Indians outfielder Trevor Crowe believes in miracles. Tweeted Crowe, "Less than a week ago, I visited a 21year old, named Stephen from Boston at the cleveland clinic. He had cystic fibrosis, waiting months ... For a lung transplant. The nurse told me he would be lucky to make it another week. Well, he just got his lung transplant. What a miracle." (Twitter: 1 / 2)

• Reds pitcher Sam LeCure mused about pet fish, petting fish (Twitter) and eating fish tacos (Twitter), and John Axford threw a "StachPingPongParty" (Twitter). David Price made some balloon animals in the dugout (Twitter), Brandon Phillips had a midnight snack (Twitter) and Bernie Williams revealed that Derek Jeter jams to Lionel Richie songs on the Yankees team plane. (Twitter)

• Happy birthday to Yankees superstar Derek Jeter, who turned 37 on Sunday (The New York Times)

Tweet of the Day: "Only if y'all could see and hear what I'm lookin at right now... Votto singing Bob Marley in the car on the way to the hotel... LMAO! Smh" -- Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips (@DatDudeBP)

Quote of the Day: "We can talk about this new term, this new battle cry that's going to be worldwide. It's called, 'Got heeeem.' 'Got him' lacks a little at the end. 'Got heeeem,' basically is when you're talking a little bit of fun trash and you say, 'Sorry, uh, papa's feelin' pretty delicious right now. Gonna step into the box, go 3-for-4, eight RBIs. Got heeeem!' 3-1 pitch. Pipin' it down the middle. Swing and a miss. 'Got heeeem!' Or when you talk trash to someone. 'Hey, sweet shoes, bro. Um, no actually, they're terrible. Got heeeem!'"
-- Giants closer Brian Wilson
. (YouTube)