• Orioles players Jeremy Guthrie, Josh Bell and Adam Jones gave local pediatric cancer patients and their families an unforgettable night at the ballpark, as they welcomed 50 guests from the Cool Kids Campaign to Camden Yards through the Major League Baseball Players Trust's Buses for Baseball program. (Orioles.com)

"It's such a great program that we've been doing for a few years, and today we had a chance to meet some kids from the Cool Kids group who are battling illnesses, such as cancer, and other groups of families who are a little bit less fortunate, but are able to watch a Major League game and meet some Major League baseball players," said Guthrie. "It's been great every time you get a chance to meet them, meet their parents and especially meet the kids and shake their hands, take a picture, sign an autograph and just know that you're making their day brighter for at least a few minutes." (MLB.com)

Buses for Baseball rolled into Los Angeles on Friday, where Jamey Carroll and his Dodgers teammates hosted 50 children from the Urban Youth Academy. (Dodgers.com)

• Torii Hunter, also known as 'The President,' is baseball's Mr. Congeniality. "He's one of those people who is legitimately kind to everyone, no matter who it is," said Angels teammate Vernon Wells. "No matter if it's a random person working at the stadium or the best player in the game, he's the same person. He always has time to talk to people and get to know them on a different level." (ESPN.com)

• In the Braves dugout, Freddie Freeman's hugs come free with the purchase of any trip to first base. "I just hug everybody," said Freeman, a 6-foot-5, 240-pound teddy bear in baseball pants. "I don't know why. It's just what I do. I give hugs instead of high-fives. Hugs are more fun." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

• Think you've got what it takes to take on Tim Lincecum? Upload your best imitation of the Giants pitcher's signature pitching motion, and you could win a chance to swing the bat against The Freak himself. (Facebook.com)

• Phillies stars Shane Victorino and John Mayberry Jr. pinch-hit for Southwest Airlines as they helped unload baggage and greet travelers at Philadelphia International Airport. (SportsBusiness Journal)

• If you think it's tough to throw strikes or go to bat against a 90 mph heater, just try doing it on a broken leg like D-backs pitcher Jason Marquis. (Yahoo! Sports)

• You want plays?! You can't handle these plays! Darwin Barney stopped, dropped and rolled to extinguish Dan Uggla's scorching 33-game hit streak (MLB.com), Albert Pujols and his mighty bat simply laughed at Busch Stadium's outfield dimensions (MLB.com) and John Lannan did a little flip, made a little glove, got down tonight (MLB.com).

Tweet of the Day: "@B_McCarthy I need a cure to my boredom..#longroadtrips" -- Brett Anderson to his A's teammate Brandon McCarthy (@BrettAnderson49). McCarthy joked back that Anderson should learn calligraphy, but the supremely talented Anderson had him beat, tweeting, "already mastered it..I'm on my 4th language, now. Also pretty legit at watercolor now too ."

Quote of the Day: "It's such a calming, kind of weird little spiritual zen experience to be in the water, you know, just floating there. It's just you and the ocean, and you're like, 'You know what? I've been a good person. Whatever, man, if there's a shark out here and he wants to eat me, that's a pretty gangster way to go. If it happens, it happens.' Obviously, there's no tree I can climb up. I'm gonna fight it. I'm gonna punch it in the face." -- C.J. Wilson, who obviously isn't scared of swimming "in a shark's living room." (Dallas Morning News)