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Front Office Directory

Detroit Tigers
Comerica Park
2100 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201-3470

Tel: (313) 471-2000

  • Detroit Tigers Owner / Director

    Detroit Tigers Owner / Director
    Michael Ilitch
  • Executive Office

    Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations & General Manager
    Al Avila
    Executive Vice President of Business Operations
    Duane McLean
    Vice President, Ticket & Suite Sales
    Scot Pett
    Vice President, Community & Public Affairs
    Elaine Lewis
    Vice President, Park Operations
    Michael Healy
    Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer
    Stephen Quinn
    Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
    Steve Harms
    Vice President, Marketing
    Ellen Hill Zeringue
    Vice President, Communications
    Ron Colangelo
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations & General Manager
    Marty Lyon
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Business Operations
    Peggy Thompson
    Administrative Assistant, Community & Public Affairs
    Donna Bernardo
    Administrative/Accounting Assistant
    Tina Sidney
  • Baseball Operations

    Vice President, Assistant General Manager & General Counsel
    John Westhoff
    Vice President, Assistant General Manager
    David Chadd
    Vice President, Player Personnel
    Scott Bream
    Vice President, Player Development
    Dave Littlefield
    Senior Director, Baseball Analytics & Operations
    Jay Sartori
    Director, Baseball Operations
    Sam Menzin
    Director, Latin American Player Development
    Manny Crespo
    Director, Latin American Operations
    Miguel Garcia
    Director, International Operations
    Tom Moore
    Director, Minor League Operations
    Dan Lunetta
    Director, Dominican Republic Operations
    Ramon Perez
    Director, Player Development
    Dave Owen
    Assistant Counsel, Baseball Operations
    Alan Avila
    Baseball Operations Analyst
    Andrew Koo
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Al Kaline
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Willie Horton
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Jim Leyland
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Dick Egan
    Special Assistant to the General Manager
    Alan Trammell
    Director, Amateur Scouting
    Scott Pleis
    Assistant, Amateur Scouting
    Clayton Zoellner
    Major League Scout
    Ray Crone
    Major League Scout
    Joe Ferrone
    Major League Scout
    Randy Johnson
    Major League Scout
    Jim Olander
    Major League Scout
    Jimmy Rough
    Major League Scout
    Bruce Tanner
    Major League Scout
    Jeff Wetherby
    Senior Advisor
    Murray Cook
    Senior Advisor
    Scott Reid
    Scouting Assistant, International Operations
    Eric Nieto
    Executive Assistant to the Assistant General Managers
    Eileen Surma
    Director, Team Travel
    Brian Britten
    Minor League Operations Coordinator
    Avi Becher
    Director, Minor League & Scouting Administration
    Cheryl Evans
    Administrative Assistant
    Marilyn Acevedo
    Minor League Clubhouse Manager
    Robert Frutchey
    Coordinator International Player Programs
    Sharon Lockwood
  • Corporate Sales

    Director, Corporate Sales
    Steve Cleary
    Senior Director, Corporate Sales Manager
    Kurt Buhler
    Corporate Sales Manager
    Soula Burns
    Corporate Sales Manager
    John Wolski
    Sponsorship Services Coordinator
    Ellyn Yurgalite
    Sponsorship Services Coordinator
    Jessica Langolf
  • Finance and Administration

    Senior Director, Finance
    Kelli Kollman
    Director, Purchasing and Supplier Diversity
    DeAndre Berry
    Accounting Manager & Treasury Analyst
    Sheila Robine
    Financial Analyst
    Kristin Jorgensen
    Accounts Payable Coordinator
    Debra Sword
    Accounts Receivable Coordinator
    Monica Basil
    Senior Director, Human Resources
    Karen Gruca
    Human Resources Coordinator
    Kelsey Shuck
    Director, Payroll
    Maureen Kraatz
    Associate Counsel
    Amy Peterson
    Internal Audit Manager
    Candice Lentz
    Payroll Administrator
    Mark Cebelak
    Payroll Coordinator
    Stephanie Jenkins
    Director, Authentics
    Marc Himelstein
    Authentics Coordinator
    Ashley Baughman
    Mail Services Coordinator
    Paul Kustra
    Switchboard Operator
    Janet Ware
  • Information Technology

    Director, Information Technology
    Jim Darrow
    Technology Specialist
    Bethany Grzgorczyk
    LAN & Systems Administrator
    Adam Wexler
    System Technician
    Matt Soulliere
  • Marketing and Promotions / In-Game Entertainment / Broadcasting

    Director, Marketing
    Ron Wade
    Marketing & Creative Services Specialist
    Angela Perez
    Digital & Social Media Specialist
    Mac Slavin
    Director, Promotions & Special Events
    Eli Bayless
    Promotions & Special Events Coordinator
    Haley Kolff
    Director, Broadcasting & In-Game Entertainment
    Stan Fracker
    Scoreboard Technical Manager
    Robb Wilson
    Senior Scoreboard Producer Editor
    Alex Lovachis
    Scoreboard Producer Editor
    Matt Sonefeld
    Scoreboard Producer Editor
    Andrew DuPont
  • Media Relations

    Director, Baseball Media Relations
    Aileen Villarreal
    Manager, Baseball Media Relations
    Chad Crunk
    Media Relations Coordinator
    Michele Wysocki
  • Park Operations

    Director, Park Operations
    Brian Skipinski
    Director, Event Operations
    Mike Bauer
    Head Groundskeeper
    Heather Nabozny
    Assistant Groundskeeper
    Gail DeGennaro
    Senior Manager, Park Operations
    Ed Goward
    Park Operations Manager
    Allan Carisse
    Manager, Event & Guest Services
    Jill Baran
    Manager, Event Services
    Caitlin Kelly
    Park Operations Manager
    Brandon Weingartz
    Manager, Cleaning Services
    John Szlinis
    Park Operations Administrative Coordinator
    Sarah Sutton
    Park Operations Coordinator
    Gage Flanery
    Park Operations Project Coordinator
    Kelly Davis
    Park Operations Coordinator
    Kiril Bayoff
    Park Operations Assistant
    Peter Janetta
    Park Operations Assistant
    Joe Wenzel
    Park Operations Assistant
    Dan Rucinski
    Ballpark Electrician
    Nick Radjewski
    Ballpark Electrician
    Al Nesbitt
    Ballpark Electrician
    Kleat Pappas
    Director, Security
    Jerry Conners
    Security Manager
    Gary Dobrowolski
    Security Manager
    Mike Moorman
    Housekeeping Supervisor
    Norman Chambers
    Housekeeping Supervisor
    Shunta Goodman
  • Detroit Tigers Foundation

    Director, Detroit Tigers Foundation
    Jordan Field
    Manager, Player Relations & Youth Sports Programs
    Sam Abrams
    Detroit Tigers Foundation Coordinator
    Chandler Gilbert
  • Community & Public Affairs

    Manager, Community Affairs
    Alexandrea Thrubis
    Community Affairs Coordinator
    Courtney Kaplan
    Administrative Assistant
    Audrey Zielinski
  • Ticket Sales, Suite Sales & Fantasy Camps

    Director, Ticket Sales
    Steve Fox
    Director, Group Sales
    Dwain Lewis
    Assistant Director, Ticket Sales
    Jeff Lutz
    CRM & Database Manager
    Kevin Sucher
    Ticket Sales Coordinator
    Amy Churchill
    Senior Account Executive
    Jeremy Hostetter
    Senior Account Executive
    Shaun Colburn
    Group & Fundraising Account Executive
    Corey Bell
    Account Executive
    Betsy Bouillon
    Account Executive
    Joe Clasman
    Account Executive
    Jim Cleary
    Account Executive
    Michelle Fields
    Account Executive
    Maggie Kilcullen-Myers
    Account Executive
    Jessica LePage
    Account Executive
    Greg Savage
    Account Executive
    Carolyn Shanks
    Account Executive
    Trevor Tipton
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Jessica Canfield
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Heather Forrester
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Rachel Huston
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Joe Landa
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Bret Price
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Dave Thompson
    Ticket Sales & Services Representative
    Corey Thomas
    Ticket Department
    Manager, Suite Sales & Service
    Dan Griesbaum
    Suite Sales & Service Account Manager
    Jeff Sanders
    Suite Sales & Services Coordinator
    Kelsey Councilor
    Director, Fantasy Camps
    Jerry Lewis
  • Ticket Services

    Senior Director of Ticket Services
    Grant Anderson
    Ticket Services Manager
    Adam Klein
    Ticket Systems Administrator
    Aubrey Topper
    Box Office Administrator
    Scott Calka
    Box Office Administrator
    Rosa Chavez
    Box Office Administrator
    Frank Cordova
    Box Office Administrator
    Tom Friesmuth
    Box Office Administrator
    Kara Grabowski
    Box Office Administrator
    Jessi McCabe
    Box Office Administrator
    Kate Walker
  • Training / Conditioning

    Medical Director / Head Athletic Trainer
    Kevin Rand
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Doug Teter
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Matt Rankin
    Medical Services Coordinator
    Gwen Keating
    Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
    Chris Walter
    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
    Yousef Zamat
  • Clubhouse

    Manager, Tigers Clubhouse
    Jim Schmakel
    Assistant Manager, Visiting Clubhouse
    John Nelson
    Assistant Clubhouse Manager
    Mark Cave
    Visiting Clubhouse Assistant
    Dan Ross
    Baseball Video Operations Assistant
    Andy Bjornstad
    Baseball Video Operations Assistant
    August Sandri
  • Medical Staff

    Team Physician (Internal)
    Michael Workings, M.D.
    Team Physician (Orthopedic)
    Stephen Lemos, M.D.
    Team Physician (Florida)
    Louis Saco, M.D.
    Team Ophthalmologist
    David A. Gourwitz, O.D.
  • Lakeland Operations

    Director, Lakeland Operations
    Ron Myers
    General Manager
    Zach Burek
    Administration and Operations Manager
    Shannon Follett
    Maria Walls
    Box Office Manager
    Ryan Eason
    Assistant General Manager
    Dan Lauer
    Group Sales Manager
    Dan Lauer
    Cafeteria Supervisor
    Karen Fletcher
    Cafeteria Manager
    Janet Morris